the perks of engagement

#1 When you go to department stores you get special treatment, get to carry around a scanner, and are given wise advice from old ladies.

#2 You get to drink a lot of champagne, just cause.  If somebody asks — “Another bottle, Kait?!” , I can just wave my left hand at them and say “I’m engaged!”.

#3 You get random gifts from parents like that awesome large pot you’ve been after.  Yay, now we can finally make lasagna that isn’t coiled completely in a saucepan!

#4 Facebook starts advertising new and exciting things to you on your profile.  Things like the “Wedding Dress Liquid Diet – Start Now!” and “Free Wedding Photos”.  Also,  yachts and “Enjoying the Island Life”.  Sounds AWESOME!

#5 Getting to brag that I snagged the best guy EVER! <3 <3 <3

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