Engagement Shoot Inspiration

I am pretty excited for our upcoming engagement photoshoot with my favourite photographer, Nicoleirene Dyck of Words Are Cameras.  Not only is she super creative she is also super talented and takes fabulous photos.

Since we aren’t traditionalists, we definitely didn’t want to partake in the typical engagement style of photoshoots.  You know the ones.  Like, “Oh, we live downtown so let’s get some photos of us kissing in front of some grafitti”.  Nope, we wanted to go our own route so of course Nicoleirene was our number one choice.

No offense to these happily engaged people, but do you really sit on sidewalks and hangout. Weird.

We are doing our photoshoot at Heritage Park here in Calgary and it is going to be a 1950’s Western theme.  With all of the great buildings, amusement park rides, steam train, and incredible views we knew it was the perfect place to do the photos.  How often do you get to dress up and do a photoshoot anyways?!

Byron’s Photo Heritage Park this past weekend.  Perfect backdrop for our shoot.

I found some photos online that are the perfect inspiration for my wardrobe, hair and makeup for the day.  It’s kind of classic western babe, mixed with a bit of Hawaiian and Vegas glamour. So far I have gotten a great Western shirt to wear and some leis but I still need to find some cute high waisted shorts, a cowboy hat that feels comfortable, and come up with a fantastic hairstyle.  Byron’s outfit is coming together too.  So excited!

These photos were found on We Heart It.

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