Honeymoon Diary: Day Eight

Honeymoon Diary: Day Eight

August 25, 2010

Today we woke up at 7am to prepare for a morning of surfing in Malibu. We were taking public transit to the beach so we left pretty early to ensure we would be there on time. The sun was already really high in the sky when we headed out around 8am to catch the bus. Taking the bus along the Pacific Coast Highway was breathtaking! So beautiful and it was great to check out the amazing waves. Our bus trip was kind of ruined however by this crazy old hippie crackhead on the bus who felt it was necessary to be overly racist and horrible the whole way to Malibu. He kept dropping his coffee cup of booze and kept blaming other people for it. “What kind of people are you? That you don’t even help another human out when he drops his shit on the bus? No wonder there will be another war when there is so many useless people who don’t even tell you when you are dropping your shit.” It was really annoying. At one point, he said in my direction “Who do you think you are??? A movie star or something?”. LOL…. 

We arrived at the beach a little bit early and wandered around the beach area before heading down to the surfers area. We met our instructor Zuma and got suited up in wet suits. After some onland instruction and tips he took us out into the water. I promptly sucked at surfing and couldn’t even stay on my board lying down — I didn’t get to the actual surfing part. Turns out you need to have incredible upper body strength to surf which I obviously don’t have. Byron was fantastic however. He could actually swim through the waves on his board — and when I decided to sit the rest of the lesson out he actually caught some waves which was amazing!!! I got some great shots of him preparing to surf. It was so great! After a bit of surfing, he too was exhausted from the crazy waves. We thanked Zuma and headed off on our way back to Santa Monica. We went shopping for awhile on the 3rd Street Promenade and then had an amazing fresh sushi feast at this great little sushi bar that we found along the way. 

After stuffing our faces we walked back down to Santa Monica beach and had a nice sun nap for a bit before heading back to the hotel because we had to go get our bikes to return them to the bike rental shack before 6pm. Our ride back to the shack was seamless — we got through traffic perfectly. The great thing about Santa Monica is that everyone rides beach cruisers here and there is bike lanes on every street. No one wears helmets because the roads and pathways are so safe and slow. It was perfect. I really wish that Calgary had bike paths like this. Nice and wide, and no crazy bell-ringing neurotic riders/commuters that we experience in Calgary. After returning the bikes, we walked back down to Washington Street along the Venice Beach Boardwalk and got some delicious ice cream to share and to watch the sun set. So romantic and lovely. It was getting pretty chilly so we grabbed some lattes and headed back to the hotel to watch TV and pack for our flight tomorrow for San Francisco! 

While we didn’t get to go to Hollywood or all of the typical stuff to do in LA, I really enjoyed being in Anaheim and in Santa Monica. When I come back to LA, I will definitely be staying close to the beach in Santa Monica and spending my time relaxing at the beach and shopping. Oh and eating seafood and sushi! 







  1. joy August 26, 2010

    Your blog is so well done. What a beautiful trip and your pictures are lovely.
    Such beautiful memories to recall in the years to come. Good for you, it warms my heart to see such happiness.
    One of my friends thought Kait looked like an actress but couldn’t think of her name. I guess the guy on the bus saw it also.You can’t help it if you look like one of the beautiful people. Continue to have a great time.

    • honey August 26, 2010

      Hi Joy! Thanks for reading our blog and for all the sweet comments! San Francisco is already amazing and we have only been here for 7 hours! More updates soon!!! Talk to you soon! Love Kait

  2. Janine August 27, 2010

    OMG! Chris Isaak wore a mirror suit! DAMNNNNN!!! You missed nada in Hollywood. It’s like 17th with some stars on the pavement. Venice is definitely the place to be, and your sughi looked amaaaaazing! We tried to grill squid from t&t yesterday and it still had the stomach bags and eyes in it so basically it was a fail.
    Continue on your blast!

    • honey August 27, 2010

      Yes — he was so beautiful and reflectant! Amazing! Glad to know about Hollywood. Loved the beach so much and yes that sushi was incredible! Oh bummer….I am always a little wary about cooking/eating my own seafood. I wonder if there are any classes to take on prep/cooking seafood at home.

      Thanks Lady! See you when I get back! xo


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