Honeymoon Diary: Day Eleven

Honeymoon Diary: Day Eleven

August 28, 2010

Today we had a little bit of a late start after all of the walking we did yesterday — it was nice to sleep in however, especially since we will be up early tomorrow for our Napa Valley Wine Tour. We actually got a phone call today that our wine tour was upgraded from the regular wine tour to the Wine Lovers Tour for free which stops at more wineries and actually makes stops at whatever vineyard you are interested in. Can’t wait! We were pretty hungry by the time we got rollin’ so we headed over to the Extreme Pizza restaurant where we had actually ordered delivery pizza on our first night here. On the way to the pizza place, an interesting open air coffee shop in a loft type garage space caught our eye so we wandered in and got a latte each. It is called Sight Glass and has a roastery located right in the shop which was pretty amazing. They gave us these great beautifully designed coasters which double as their business cards. Lovely little place. They also had a flower lady at the front selling beautifully fresh flowers to coffee lovers. I wish we could bring back a bunch of beans with us — the coffee is so fantastic — but thanks to all the weird laws it seems we cannot do so.

Extreme Pizza was great and it turned out that they also sold gluten free beer to compliment their gluten free pizza! Amazing! Why is this only in San Francisco?! After polishing off a pizza between the two of us we headed off towards MISSION and CASTRO and Valencia Street for a day of browsing, window shopping and shopping. We really didn’t hit anything to amazing until the end of our shopping adventure when we came across several beautiful boutiques and artist collectives, as well as a fantastic Vietnamese restaurant where I had the best Pho I have ever had. Seriously the broth was mind-blowing. Remind me to do some research into Vietnamese cookbooks– I really want to learn how to cook it all at home. Yum.

We debated continuing on our journey but it was already around 6:30pm so we decided to head back to the hotel and spend the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV. Now that we’ve settled into San Fran a little more, it definitely felt like something we would do on a typical Sunday if we lived here.

We don’t ever want to leave! Its too good to be true!


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