Honeymoon Diary: Day Four

Honeymoon Diary Day #4

August 21, 2010

Day four of our Marital Bliss Honeymoon Adventure Tour 2010 turned out to be the worst day yet. We had to check out of our hotel around 11am and now that we were logged down with our luggage, we didn’t have too much to do besides hang around the hotel and spend more money. So we decided to head to the airport early because we could do the same thing there. We got to the airport super early — just around 12pm-ish and our flight wasn’t until 6pm. Yep, good planning on my part — didn’t think about that one too hard. There was an early flight at 4pm but it would be an extra $100 each so we decided to just hang out and blog and upload photos and eat yummy airport food. The hours dragged by until I got a notification on my phone saying that our flight was going to be delayed until 7:30pm! We couldn’t believe it and we were kicking ourselves for not taking the early flight. Major annoyance. So we sat there at Gate 32 for a couple more hours and drank coffees and watched the planes take off. Finally, it was our turn to board our plane. It was a super short plane ride to LA — only 40 minutes. We arrived at LAX — yay we were in Los Angeles!!! We promptly figured out how to get an airport shuttle bus and ended up finding one that took us all through Beverly Hills and the UCLA campus which was BEAUTIFUL!

We finally arrived at our hotel, The Farmers Daughter Hotel at around 10pm — yes — it took us 2 hours from the time we landed until we got to our final destination. It was just as cute as it looked in the photos on line, and we breathed a deep sigh of relief to finally relax, have a fabulous dinner at their gorgeous

restaurant TART and possibly have a late night dip in the pool. We had to stand in line for a while as the front desk girl signed in another guest. When she finished up with him she hesitantly came over to us. I already knew something was wrong by the weird tone of her voice. Turned out that even thought I had already prepaid for our room for 5 nights (about $670) she had given our room away for the first night of our stay and that they would pay for us to stay at a nearby hotel from just this first night. Since we had no idea what this other hotel was, we said okay and took the cab over to the other hotel. It was called the Park Plaza Lodge had was the sketchiest grossest motel I have ever seen the inside of! So sketchy. We set up camp for about an hour in our “free” hotel room to come up with a plan b online and get the hell out of this horrible place. We were SO angry at the Farmers Daughter Hotel — where do they even get off in giving our room away after we had already PRE-PAID!? Do not stay at this hotel! They are horrible. We called them and was told they would leave a message for the girl we had dealt with. We hustled out of the PPL, said thanks to the sketchy front desk guy (its not his fault he works at a sketchy motel) and called a cab to start a new adventure.

Our plan be was to cab to Anaheim to stay at a hotel nearby so that we could go to Disneyland first thing in the morning. Basically we had re-schedule our whole LA experience. A pain in the ass, but I think it was a great thing it happened. Everything turned out fantastic. Anyways, we arrived at the Camelot Hotel after a $154 cab ride (a lesson learned) at 2am and settled in. What a crazy day of madness….glad it is all over.


  1. Blair August 26, 2010

    That sucks about losing your room. When we were in Anaheim we stayed at the Delta, right near the Camelot, so we walked by it a lot of times and it looks like a cute little place. And the proximity to Disney is a huge bonus. I agree the cab ride is pricey, if your day haddened already been a nightmare, you can take the train. When we went from Anaheim to LA, we asked our cabbie to take us to the anaheim train station so we could go to LA. It would have cost us around $50 for cab plus train, so he offered us a ride to LA for $70. You might try this technique on the way back to LA.
    For next time, the vegas hotel should have a luggage room to hold your bags until your flight.
    Travel is fun! Can’t wait for the next update.

    • honey August 26, 2010

      We ended up taking buses a lot at the end of our stay in LA and holy smokes were they fabulous! The LA transit system is effective and amazing….while the cabs, shuttles, etc are seriously corrupt and scary. One cab we rode in was seriously falling apart. The seat moved back and forth as we drove…eep!

  2. Chelsea August 26, 2010


    You should give that hotel a bad review on yelp and everywhere.

    I’m sure the rest of your trip is going to be wonderful though!

    • honey August 26, 2010

      I definitely will be! So terrible…..flaky flaky LA. 🙂
      San Fran is already amazing!!! See you when we get back Chels! xo


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