Honeymoon Diary: Day Nine

Honeymoon Diary: Day Nine

August 26, 2010

Today was the most amazing day so far! We checked out of the Ramada in Marina Del Rey and headed on down to figure out a bus to take to LAX. Transit is so cheap in LA…only 75cents each! When we took the bus to Malibu it was only $1.50 each to get there! What a great deal!

Anyways, Byron met someone at the bus stop who knew where to go and she showed exactly where to catch the free airport shuttle too! So easy! We checked in at the airport and got through security with no problems. Afterwards we grabbed some crappy food for breakfast and hunkered down at the gate to catch up on the internet and blog. Our flight was slightly delayed but once we got one it was a very short flight. Again, everything was seamless. We quickly figured out how to get to the BART, San Fran’s train, got our tickets, boarded and were on our way to the city! It was SO foggy. The airport was completely blue skied and sunny and hot but once we got out of the airport area it was totally grey and heavy sky. Still beautiful and I was expecting the San Fran fog but it was still a lot chillier than expected.

We took the BART to our stop at the Civic Centre and almost immediately found our way to our hotel. Wow, that was a lot easier and CHEAPER than getting around LA. Plus our hotel is SO cute! It is called the Good Hotel and it IS good! It has all sorts of eco-inspired elements and cool design. The Concierge is fabulous and has tons of great information. We set up camp in our hotel room and figured out what to do this afternoon. We decided on going to The Ferry Building Marketplace to check out a gluten free bread stand and also the Hog Island Oyster Co. Happy Hour where oysters were a dollar each. We put our name down for a table and walked around the market. I ended up getting a really cute tote bag. We also tracked down the Mariposa GF Baking Company where I bought the most amazing sandwich and loaf of gf rye bread. I have never ever ever tasted bread that good!!! It was amazing! Very inspiring bread, indeed. We headed back to Hog Island and waited around for about 30-45 minutes….the wait was worth it! We got a seat at the bar and both tried some local beverages (beer and wine) and shared an ice filled tray of 24 fresh oysters. It was a sensory overload for my mouth. I told Byron that this was a very important moment in my life. Kinda like how he gets all excited going in to a record store — that is how I feel about oysters. Oh man! Incredible!

We walked back to our hotel feeling amazing and happy and excited. We were still hungry — I think I would have needed 24 oysters for myself to feel full and we had found out about this gluten free pizza company called Extreme Pizza that delivered to our hotel! 40 minutes later we were downing the most amazing gf pizza with tomatoes, artichokes, broccili, onions and more! Heavenly. Let’s just say no one went to bed hungry.

San Francisco is incredible. Tomorrows Agenda? Possibly Alcatraz and tracking down a scarf and maybe a sweater. Brrr,,,,,,(I love this weather. I miss Santa Monica Beach but this weather is SO comfortable!)


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