Honeymoon Diary: Day Seven

Honeymoon Diary: Day SevenAugust 24, 2010

We woke up early because we thought we might be surfing today but we ended up just going for breakfast on Venice Beach. We biked down and ate at the Sidewalk Café on the Boardwalk and had some Mexican-inspired breakfasts. Next we bought Byron some new swim shorts so that we were all ready for the beach and surfing. We headed down to the beach and spent a couple of hours relaxing in the sunshine and playing in the waves.

We rode our bikes back to the hotel and got dressed up and ready for the Chris Isaak concert at the Greek Theatre. It was AMAZING! What a beautiful show and a beautiful man! Wowee — Chris Isaak is awesome! I bought the tickets for Byron and I for our wedding gift because when we first met we both talked about how much we loved Chris Isaak. We later talked about our love for the man when we started dating. It was perfect.


  1. funnygrrl August 26, 2010

    Chris Isaak!! Wow!! That is such a nice treat. I used to love his show. Did you guys watch his show?
    Anyway, sounds like a great trip. And my little brother is a little hottie!

    • honey August 26, 2010

      Ya — it was so awesome! Yep, when we first met we talked about how much we loved the Chris Isaak Show and how it is such a major bummer that it is not available to buy on DVD. It would be amazing!

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