Honeymoon Diary: Day Ten

Honeymoon Diary: Day TenAugust 27, 2010

Today was another fun-filled adventure day! Started off by heading back down to the Ferry Building for a great lunch of seafood salads and crustless quiche at the San Francisco Fish Company. We had a fresh and citrus-y calamari salad and a seaweed and rice noodle shrimp salad. Not sure what kind of fish was in the quiche but I think it was albacore. It was all so delicious, cold and fresh. Amazing meal to start the day. Byron grabbed a couple more gluten-free sandwiches to throw in our bag for later, as well as two gf cinnamon buns which we enjoyed with some amazing lattes from the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. also located in the Ferry Building. After finishing off our coffees we headed off down the Embarcadero in search of Alcatraz tickets and adventures. Walking along all of the piers was amazing. What a beautiful harbour city.

We arrived at the Alcatraz Tour booth and found out they were sold out until Monday — lucky enough we are still here on Monday so we bought 2. We also found out that we would get $4 off the Aquarium admission with our ticket stub that day as well! So, Monday is pretty much all planned out for us. J We continued walking and got to Fisherman’s Wharf where we caught all the sights and goofy shops around there. Crazy busy so we decided to head more into a less touristy zone. We started walking down Powell Street and eventually came across a really cool little area with tons of cafes and shoppes. I passed a hair salon called Tom’s Beautiful Hair — I have been wanting to get my hair washed and blown out since we left LA (the salt water is so brutal) — now was my opportunity. Byron got settled into a darling little bar/café called MELT with a beer and a local music paper, while I headed off to get my hair done! The salon was so adorable, complete with two little French bulldogs who curled up in my lap while my hair was getting blow-dried. I felt SO much better, and more like myself again after using luxe shampoos and conditioners instead of the drying hotel products. Perfect. I went off to find Byron and he was just finishing off another beer in the sunshine. We said bye to MELT and headed off down the road in search of new adventures. San Francisco is really just one big city full of eye-candy. Everywhere we looked there was exciting stores and restaurants, and smells, and sounds. We pretty much stumbled across City Lights Bookstore which was amazing and full of incredible books. We picked up some great books some of which will be kept and some of which will be distributed to our favourite people. Next we headed over to The Beat Museum across the street where tons of great beat history has been preserved and displayed along with loads of local artist interpretations of Kerouac, Ginsberg, and Burroughs. Pretty fantastic!

We started to feel the hunger pains so we snacked on a bit of the sandwich and trekked down Broadway Street towards the Ferry Building again. Basically, the Ferry Building is our favourite place now in case you haven’t noticed. We are obsessed. Anyways, we wanted to try a new restaurant in there and Gott’s Roadside diner caught our eye. We had an amazing shared meal consisting of garden fresh stirfry green beans, chile marinated and steamed fresh corn on the cob, sweet potato fries with cilantro lime aioli, corn tortilla shrimp tacos, and a vanilla bean milkshake. What an incredible meal! So fresh and tasty! We had never had shrimp or fish tacos before but it was so delicious — like a great salad with tortillas. It was perfect. Once we were done, Byron grabbed some great gluten-free beer from one of the markets. Only 10.99 for a 6-pack — totally unheard of for gf beer. It was really great beer too….going to see if we can order directly from the company.

Feeling pretty tired and happy and full after walking the streets for nine hours, we took the trolley back to our hotel and settled in for a nice sleep.



  1. funnygrrl August 29, 2010

    I knew you’d love San Fran. We have always wanted to get back there. We ate on the wharf 2 nights in a row because you can’t beat the fresh seafood. Don’t miss out on the wine while you’re there!

    • honey August 30, 2010

      Yum Yum! Yes, what a blast it is! We have eaten so much fresh seafood it is ridiculous but so amazing! You’ve gotta come back here — its the perfect city!


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