Honeymoon Diary: Day Three

Byron Blog: Friday, August 20th, 2010

Up early, around 6:00am. Coffee and pastry for breakfast. We got picked up in a bus and driven into the Nevada desert. Met some really nice people on the way in the bus. An old couple from Nottingham that said they were just friends, a couple from Long Island, New York and three kinda typically american guys from Virginia. We met up with some other people and did the Eldorado gold mine tour! It was very fascinating and impressive. The “wild west” was very real to me there. Unbelievable work conditions and an unreal life style of kill or be killed. I guess if a mine was inactive for 48 hours, it was yours to claim. Well, if you kill everyone in the mine and wait for two days, it’s yours! All men wanted wives to cook when they got home and kill while they were at work. Anyone they didn’t recognize. Crazy! After all that, we met up with Bill, my favorite American so far. Got on some horses and rode all morning around the desert. It was something right out a western movie. I felt like the “man with no name”. My horse’s name was Rooster 🙂 It was a very therapeutic experience. I love Nevada desert and the people who work out there. Very warm people.

Kait Blog: 

August 20, 2010Today was pretty much the most epic day so far of this awesome honeymoon. We had crazy psychedelic dreams after watching LOVE the night before and woke up fresh and revived for a day in the Eldorado Desert Canyon. After getting some much needed coffee, we waited in the Tour Lobby for our Tour Van. Promptly, our guide, an awesome nine-fingered guy named Scotty picked us up. There was already an older British couple in the van whom we found out later were only “just friends”. Hmm…sure. They were from Nottingham so they were extra posh with riding pants and penny loafers. La dee da! Next on the way we picked up a couple from Long Island New York. They were pretty cool, but pretty typical Americans. Next we picked up three more Americans from Virginia. They were BIG boys. Big balding fatties! Who had naked girls on their shirt and rude slogans. It was a bachelor party! Half the van was going ATV-ing with Scotty while the rest of us was going horseback riding.
Scotty drove us out about an hour outside Vegas to the Eldorado Canyon were the goldmine and ranch was. We did this crazy tour of the goldmine deep into the mountains! Complete with skeletons and ghosts this tour was fantastic! We loved the tour….anything about the Wild Wild West is so intriguing and fun. Next we saddled up down at the stables with Billy, our horseback ride. I got a horse named Freckles, which makes sense because I LOVE freckles! He was so cute, but very slow and liked to be silly. Byron had a big fancy horse named Rooster which was so cute. It was Byron’s second time on a horse but he was an absolute pro. I think we are one step closer to our dreams of Stampede Queen and King. When we get back to Calgary we gotta take some lessons, go on a shopping spree at Lammles and perfect our wave.

The horseback tour was amazing! I honestly felt like I was in some crazy Western Film, complete with 3 Spanish dudes behind me. It was awesome. It was about 2 hours long complete with a stop for lunch. We headed back into town and had a nice long nap at the hotel.

In the evening we decided we needed a little local flavour so we took a cab down to Fremont Street to check out the cheapo casinos, drinks, and cool locals bars. We ended up wandering the streets for awhile until we stopped at Beauty Bar, this adorable 50s/punk rock themed dive on East Fremont for a drink. We missed the live music, but the DJ was pretty good so we ended up just heading back to NY NY. Got some great photos of downtown though…what a cool experience. It was definitely a day of escaping the strip and seeing what else was happening in Vegas.



  1. Blair August 23, 2010

    OMG your blog makes me want to go back to vegas so much! I’m so glad you are enjoying yourselves, it’s a real blast!

    • honey August 26, 2010

      Blair! We gotta all go to Vegas together in the future…I already know how much trouble the four of us could get into!


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