Honeymoon Diary: Day Two!

Byron Blog: Thursday, August 19th, 2010.

Slept in! Enchiladas and margaritas for breakfast and back to shopping! Ben Sherman store was awesome and we walked thru a mall that looked like you were outside. It had a painted ceiling to look like an evening sky that went on forever. Complete with simulated lightening and rain. It was a lot cooler than actually being outside. Temperature pretty much stays around 42 degrees Celsius.

Anyways we both got some clothes we were stoked about, went back to the hotel for gambling. Kait turned one dollar into forty dollars!! That bought our supper. We had a nap got ready and started walking down the strip yet again, even though we promised not to do that again, for Cirque du Soleil’s Love! Beatles poetry and music accompanied by the most amazing live performance I have ever seen in my life, period. Who needs drugs when you have Cirque du Soleil! The visuals and effects and the performers are all top notch! I will definitely be seeing more in the future.

Kait Blog: August 19, 2010

Like I mentioned in the last post — we ended up sleeping in until 12noon. This was all thanks to the blackout curtains, the long day of activities, and probably the missed sleep we had leading up to the wedding. We decided to take it easy today, starting a delicious Mexican lunch at Gonzales, one of the cool theme restaurants at our hotel! Yum! We got giant Margaritas to start the day off right — yep we had just woken up, its cool. After stuffing our faces we decided to head off to the Miracle Mile shops where Byron had glimpsed a Ben Sherman boutique the day before, during our fuzzy heat wave. We found it all right and holy smokes did Byron get some awesome clothes! It was like a store MADE for Byron. I made sure to get lots of pictures of Byron being a fan boy in and out side of the store.

Next we decided to keep up our new resolution of eating and drinking on a regular basis so we stopped at this cool little bistro in the mall and ate a dozen oysters and a salad. The oysters were pretty intoxicating — it felt like we were doing shots of some lethal alcohol, but no just slurpin seafood. Crazy though — excellent oysters for being in the middle of the desert.

After the mall, we headed back to NY NY to get ready for our hot date at LOVE The Beatles Cirque du Soleil at the Mirage!!! We had a quick nap to ensure that we were well rested before embarking on the strip again, and dressed up in some new outfits we headed out. We thought we might take the Deuce dbl decker bus but it ended up being a long wait so we walked all the way to the Mirage. But this time we were prepared with lots of water and a spray bottle with cold water inside. Genius!

We got to the Mirage just in time and got our seats in the LOVE theatre. What a beautiful theatre! It wasn’t too long before the show started and holy smokes was it mind-blowing. We kind of knew that it was going to be an epic performance but it was beyond our wildest dreams! So so so amazing. The acrobatics, visuals, music, stage design, everything was incredible and beautiful. I would see this show again and again and now I am definitely inspired to see more Cirque du Soliel! Fantastic!

It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day. We ended up grabbing some late night snacks at Chin Chin’s, another cute restaurant in NY NY and hit the hay. We have a big day tomorrow — horseback riding into the Eldorado Desert at 6:40am!!!

I forgot to bring shorts so these are my adorable new Anthro shorts…on sale!

Byron in his awesome new western shirt….reprezent!

Mmm giant margarita for breakie!

I love fake outdoor restaurants.

Byron at his dream store.  Shopping Spree!

The Scooter Room at Ben Sherman

Looking studly in some Ben Sherman shades…

His dreams have finally come true.

Amazing painted sky mall.

Me in Candy Vegas heaven…mmmmm!

Bettie Page store…cool!

Me in another fake outdoor restaurant!

LOVE was amazing!!!!

Byron keepin’ the peace with a LOVE usher.

What an awesome night!!!


My dream patio: pink white and orange!  dreamy!

Lookin’ sharp on the strip!

Hot dogs at Caesars Palace!

Late night snacks and tea!

Good Night! xoxo Kait & Byron

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