Honeymoon Diary! First Stop: Las Vegas!

Well, its 4:30am on August 18, 2010 and we are getting ready to head up to the airport for a fourteen day adventure honeymoon!  First stop, Las Vegas!   Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to our honeymoon!  We are so grateful and excited for the things we are about to experience!!!  Love you all!  Stay tuned for updates!


Kait & Byron


  1. Blair August 19, 2010

    You’re gonna love Sin City! We saw live music at Nine Fine Irishmen, in front of new york new york.

    • honey August 20, 2010

      We have been hearing a ton of karaoke at one of the bars inside New York New York, not sure if it is Nine Fine Irishmen but its pretty awesome! Byron REALLY wants to come back with you guys sometime in the future! Fun!

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