July 2012

travel love // champion lakes, british columbia


  Just returned from the best time ever camping at Champion Lakes, BC with our lovely friends The Millers. While it wasn’t exactly my first time camping (slept in cabins many times) it was my first time sleeping in a tent - I have to admit I was a little bit scared at night. What […]

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style // tavi


Oh, Tavi. You’ve done it again. I just love how she pulls off these looks so effortlessly, as if she was truly a child of the sixties. Old soul, that she is. (tavi images here) (flamingo sign) (flowers)

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travel love // I Love Alberta {guest post by CAMP + QUARRY)


One of my go-to camping experts is my friend Sarah who blogs and designs gorgeous jewellery and hand-dyed scarves over at Camp + Quarry. I can always peruse her blog or instagram photos and pick up useful tips and ideas for hanging out in the great outdoors. It doesn’t hurt that she lives in Vancouver […]

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thirsty // coconut + rhubarb + gin in a jar {camp edition}


This has got be my new favourite cocktail. Forget the Pina Colada - this frothy coconut milk drink is a true dream. It is almost a milkshake, almost a float, almost a bona fide cocktail. The delicious fresh rhubarb does it give it a bitter edge so if you like super sweet drinks this is […]

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work it out // the 10 cent designer hikes {guest post}


In keeping with the camping theme this week, I have asked my friend Lori Andrews (aka the 10 cent designer) to share some of her campy wisdom with ya’ll. xo Kait When the lovely Kait Kucy asked for a blog post on hiking, I jumped at the chance! I adore hiking. Specifically, back-country hiking. As […]

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