March 2013

A Spring Clean


I’ve already been getting a head start on my spring cleaning this year. It has been liberating, to say the least. I have been tackling room by room and discovering exactly what stuff should absolutely stick around and which should hit the road. It is slightly terrifying when you realize that you have been toting […]

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modern kitchen: 80th & Ivy


Dinner is my favourite meal of the day. While I appreciate a nice long breakfast or a lunch date with friends, every day I kinda ‘save myself’ for dinner. There is something absolutely civilized about dining in the evening and enjoying each morsel of a beautifully prepared meal. And a dinner done right is certainly […]

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Happy Friday: Plum Fizz


Happy Friday, friends! After a tricky week of weather here in Calgary (and likely elsewhere in the world) I felt we all deserved a tasty drink to get the weekend started off right. I came up with this sweet little cocktail recipe featuring my new favourite drink obsession: Umeshu, Japanese plum wine. It is absolutely […]

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Can’t Wait To Meet You Neighbour, Target!


Like any self-respecting shopaholic, I am counting down the days until Target opens in Calgary. Yes, Target - the beautiful and wonderful red&white department store that fashionistas and interior decor lovers alike flock to any chance they get while in the US of A, has arrived within our scenic Canadian borders. The first three pilot […]

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What I Learned at Alt Summit


Well, this post is incredibly overdue but it was only now that I felt prompted to write it. It has been just over a month since I attended Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City. It really took me a while to absorb exactly what I learned and achieved out of the three days of extreme […]

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