Feeling pretty blown away by this incredible 3D video of what Calgary’s East Village is going to look like in only a few short years. It almost brings a tear to my eye to see such vibrancy and energy in an area of the city that has been majorly lacking those qualities for many years. As it stands, the village is already on the right track with their beautiful renovation of the Simmons buildings, their support of local festivals and art markets as well as creating a real community for the whole city to enjoy. I can’t wait until this all becomes a reality and in the meantime, I invite you all to come down and see the current East Village. From the Riverwalk to epic art installations and the construction of so many new homes, this is the kind of place you want to be all year long.

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  1. Peter Ojamaa January 23, 2021


    Indeed a wonderful video tobe sure BUT the big but is the river and potential flooding. To me, giventhe events of this past June … have the series of new developments properly taken into account the effects of potentially being flooded?



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