Happy Friday! A new friend gave me these pretty flowers today. Instant pick-me-up. I totally needed it. While most Fridays I feel energized and excited for the weekend, I felt a bit drained by the world earlier today. Now I feel awesome! What perks you up instantly?

What I’m Reading/Watching/Looking at:

The best fashion eye candy I’ve seen in ages: Gary Pepper.

My brother Tom Kucy’s video went viral this week.

My dad just hooked me up with a copy of Ray Bradbury’s Zen and the Art of Writing. Looking forward to reading it.

In love with Kengyll Hillegas’ food illustrations. YUM.

What I’m Writing:

Travelling soon? Check out my tips for packing like a pro!

Indoor Adventures in Downtown Calgary

My top picks for locally made wedding gifts.

What I’m Doing:

See you on Sunday, #YYC at the Commonwealth Collectors Club!



Photo via @yuppielove.

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