This past May, I had the opportunity to be part of the Half-Corked Marathon in the Southern Okanagan, Oliver and Osoyoos to be precise. I traveled with a group of amazing female journalists, reporters and freelancers to do an 18km race through the wineries and vineyards of the Okanagan – while sampling wine at almost every 1km. It was over 30*C and I was 5 months post-partum. And somehow, I finished it! Though with the thought of another cup of award-winning wine at the next stop, how could I not?

The ticket lottery opens up tomorrow morning (November 17th) at 9am PST! I thought I would share a bit of my experiences with you – because I pretty much think everyone should do the Half Corked Marathon now, especially if you love being outdoors, you love wine, you love costumes and you love having fun!

OOWA Half Corked Marthon _scenic. Credit Darren Robinson. jpg

The experience of seeing the Osoyoos and Oliver sprawling landscapes through the vineyards was awe-inspiring. It is not everyday that you get to play and drink wine among stunning vistas like these. It was the most perfect day too, as you can see from these photos. Sunny and hot, we all couldn’t wait to get to the finish line so we could indulge in some cold beverages and tasty lunches.

Runners usually aim for their personal best in races but at the Half Corked Marathon, the prizes are for the most creative costumes – not the race times! That’s right – people go all out with incredible costumes – all in the name of fun and wine. While I didn’t realize the extent of the costuming, I managed to pull together my best sporty outfit with a tank top that said “#yeswayrose” on it. I did my best but if I get to go back another year, you can be sure that I will be bringing my a-game. I think my favourite team costumes were a group of sock monkeys – dressed head to toe in a full body suit. I can only imagine how hot they were under the warm Okanagan sun.

DSC_7797 DSC_7900OOWA Half Corked Marathon start. Credit Darren Robinson. jpg

Here is everything you need to know about getting in on the Half Corked action:

On November 17th at 9am PST, the general ticket lottery registration will open for the sixth annual Half Corked Marathon – with the lottery closing on November 23, 2015 at 11:59pm. Tickets for the marathon cost $165 plus tax per person. Tickets are in such hot demand that a lottery system will once again be used to distribute them this year. After sign up, each lucky person randomly chosen from the database will have the chance to purchase two tickets for the event.

Celebrations start on Friday May 27, 2016, with the spring-themed Primavera! dinner – an al fresco gourmet pasta party set amongst the vineyards – a great way to carb load before the race day. On Saturday May 28, 2016, runners will set off in waves to run or job the 18km route. FYI – I actually walked a lot of the way and so did a lot of people. So, don’t worry about feeling like you actually need to be an amazing runner to be part of the Half-Corked Marathon.

For more information please check out the Oliver Osoyoos Winery Association! Bottoms up, folks!

OOWA Half Corked Marathon_ jump.Darren Robinson-1 OOWA Half Corked Marathon_Marilyns. Credit Darren Robinson. jpg OOWA Half Corked Marathon_vineyardrun.Credit Darren Robinson. jpg

Photos via Half-Corked.

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