Anyone else wish that they were in Toronto this past week at IDS16? I sure did. Tons of great design and decor being unveiled by some of Canada’s most talented design houses. I am hoping to attend the Vancouver show this fall for the first time which I am greatly looking forward to.

One of my favourite Canadian furniture design shops is EQ3 and they were a highlight of what I’ve seen online from IDS16. I love their vision; based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba they are constantly pushing design boundaries and creating really beautiful modern furniture. I just saw a sneak peek via IDS16 of their new collection entitled Assembly. The new collection was created by a group of ten talented designers who each brought their own point of view to the idea of Assembly. The result; separately each piece reflects its maker, together their diversity defines a new national design identity.


Arc/Trapezoid Mirror by Anthony Frank Keeler: I love everything about this mirror. The unique shape, the way you could easily move it from space to space. The simplicity is absolutely exquisite.


Candelabra by Dylan McKinnon: I instantly fell in love with this candelabra thanks to my current obsession with tapered candlesticks. I love how McKinnon utilizes negative space with the simplistic design. I picture this with black candles for a moody centrepiece for our next dinner party.



Quilt by Kenneth Lavallee: In case you didn’t get the memo – quilting is back. The Assembly Quilt, designed by Lavallee, a Metis artist from Winnipeg, interprets traditional Aboriginal philosophies through a modern lens. From the catalogue: In First Nations cultures, star blankets are bestowed as gifts of the highest honour; it’s geometric representation of our ever-reliable morning star intended to protect, empower, give comfort and hope to those wearing it over their shoulders.




Chairs by Matthew Kroeker: This modern spin on a timeless design is based on the classic “Windsor Chair”. Kroeker streamlined the chair with a continuous steam-bent back and arm rail. Traditionally, this chair would have ornamental spindles but this modernized version is sleek and polished resulting in a sophisticated silhouette.


Rack by MSDS Studio: The Assembly Rack has immediately gone to the top of my wishlist. I feel like this simple structure could fulfill many different needs in my household – from hanging towels with hooks to magazine storage to hanging Jack’s artwork from.



Dining Table by Shawn Place: I love Place’s take on the traditional dining table; the way he has made the legs the focus of the piece is absolutely awe-inspiring. The beautiful glass top is softly rounded giving the whole table a Danish mid-century vibe.



Bottle Opener by Six Point Un: The Assembly Bottle Opener is a piece of minimalist genius. I love their description of the product: On the underside two overlapping layers of stainless steel act as beaver teeth biting open bottles, like in a cartoon. The breeding of a mushroom and a beaver inspired the Assembly Bottle Opener, expressing a quintessentially Canadian way to open bottles.





Stool by Thom Fougere Studio: These stools quickly became another wishlist item for me. They look incredibly comfortable and I love the addition of the foot-rest which so many bar stools are missing.


Clock by Tomas Rojcik for Normal Goods: Once again, another timeless (haha!) piece for the Assembly collection. This bold clock is the ultimate minimalist accessory for any home or office.


Dressing Table by Zoe Mowat Design: This was the first piece of the Assembly collection that caught my eye. An absolutely gorgeous addition to the daily routine of putting on makeup and doing hair, the Assembly Dressing Table has a stunning spin on Art Deco vibes. It kind of reminds me of something one of my mid-80s Barbies might have had in their penthouse apartments – and I mean that in the best way possible.

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