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Have you heard about A Color Story? It is this amazing new photo app (created by the ultra talented folks over at ABM) that allows you to edit your photos in a brand new way. It only launched in the middle of January and it has already revolutionized the way I am editing my photos. Honestly, I’m having way too much fun with it and it has allowed me to be more free and imperfect with my Instagram photos - the way Instagram was when we all first fell in love with it.

This app is amazing for selfies and portraits because the filters make your skin look absolutely flawless - without having to set-up a whole lighting scenario. I’ve been able to take dimly lit photographs and turn it into something that looks like it was professionally lit. I highly recommend it for food photographs - you can make all of those yummy ingredients pop off the screen. And as you can see below, it works GREAT on horses.

I wanted to share some of my favourite filters and techniques that I’ve fallen in love with so I partnered up with my photographer BFF Lori Andrews to show how fun it can be to play with this ultra creative app. We both love a timeless aesthetic with a twist of quirk so I feel like her gorgeous photograph of one of her family horses was the perfect application to test A Color Story on. And let me tell you from personal experience, these adorable horses are absolutely darling. The app has over 100 filters, 30+ effects, 20+ tools and the option to create and save your own custom filters - can anything be better for people who are constantly experimenting with new ways to present their photos?!

The Original

Summer of 59, Flare 14

Black Lodge, Rose

Blue Skies, Cool & Bright

Chroma, Catwalk at 60%, Rose Gold 25%, Moody 75%, Color Fod Orange, Color Fog Blush

Contrast 92%, Effect Flare 7 100%, Effect Leak 3 49%, Effect Mint Color Fog 4%

Photo by Lori Andrews, The Original 10 Cent Designer

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