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There is nothing quite like a day of pampering when you’ve been run off your feet between work, life and family. A day to yourself; to meditate, to relax and to reconnect with yourself. Pampering is a luxury that I certainly took for granted before having my son. I could go to the salon and get a blow-out anytime I wanted. Mani-pedis with girlfriends or my Mom was a regular thing. Now, I am lucky if I have a shower longer than five minutes.

I recently had the chance to visit Soma Hammam + Spa in the new South Calgary neighbourhood of Seton. This beautiful spa features Calgary’s only Hammam and I got to experience the full deal. So, what is a Hammam, you ask?

According to Soma, a Hammam is traditionally a Turkish cleansing ritual that typically starts in a warm room where bathers are able to perspire naturally - all part of the healing process. The experience traditionally includes a sauna, a massage, and invigorating skin exfoliating treatments. The Hammam is typically finished off with a final rinse and final reflection.

At Soma, they encompassed the importance of heat and detoxification, and transformed the Hammam experience into an awe-inspiring relaxing treatment. Their experienced and trained RMT’s and Certified Aestheticians understand the strong priority of cleansing and healing. As you lay on top of our heated stone table, they will perform exfoliating treatments with the water rinse,  hair and scalp cleanse, and massage therapy, leaving your skin feeling soft, and your body and mind feeling refreshed and relaxed. 

And let me tell you I felt so refreshed and relaxed after experiencing the Grand Hammam. I don’t think my skin has ever been so clean and soft. The Grand Hammam is a great service to book throughout the winter since we all accumulate so much dry skin thanks to the cold, dry air. I wasn’t sure if lying straight on the stone table was going to be comfortable but it actually was incredibly relaxing, detoxifying and - addicting. I definitely need to head back to the spa before the hot summer months kick in. A friend and I have even been chatting about doing a social hammam (girls trip the spa!) like she had experienced in Europe.

Beyond offering all of the usual spa treatments like manicures, pedicures and massage, Soma in Seton is the only place to experience the Hammam in Calgary. It is entirely worth the drive if you don’t live near the south - the entire ambience of the spa is so calming and refreshing.

And lucky for you -    Soma Hammam and Spa has teamed up with Barrebelle. After a session at the barre we know that day to day troubles can ware you down. So what’s a greater way of treating your body and feet to some much needed rest and relaxation then a “put your feet up” package. Grande Hammam and Pedicure for only $228 down from $298.

Visit Soma Hammam + Spa // 3710 Market Street SE


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