If you have any interest in learning about the human body, I highly recommend that you visit Telus Spark here in Calgary to see the BODY WORLDS Vital exhibit. Spark invited us down to see BodyWorlds in person and I am so happy that I finally got to see this incredibly thought-provoking and informative exhibit. In case you haven’t heard of BODY WORLDS before, it is an exhibition that features real human bodies that have been donated to scientific research. The bodies go through a plastination process that allows us to see every working party of the human body – pretty incredible, right?! As you can see from my photos here the bodies are displayed in a certain way for us to understand more about how each part of our bodies work, especially when we are in movement.


While Jack isn’t old enough to quite understand what the bodies and displays were all about, he did seem very interested in everything as Byron and I walked throughout the centre. There were plenty of other children at the exhibit which was great to see since I had previously heard that sometimes parents have stayed away from BODY WORLDS due to the perceived graphic nature of the displays. I think it is very important for us all to learn how our bodies work and what they look like inside and out. When you are looking at the displays from scientific angle there is absolutely nothing shocking or scary about it – in fact it is rather thrilling to think about how our bodies are made up of so many tiny parts that each have their own job. All of the families that we came across during our visit were enthralled with the exhibit and were all enjoying the educational component to these complex displays.

IMG_9716 IMG_9717

If you want to check out BODY WORLDS without kids, you have your chance on May 12th for the Future Humans Adults Only Night event. This is the last adult night during the Vital exhibition and they will be talking about the future of biomedical tech and how it could impact our future. Make sure to buy your ticket early – these night’s often sell out!


Go see BodyWorlds at Telus Spark! The exhibition runs until May 31st so make sure you pop in to see it before it is gone! Tickets to the exhibition include admission to the rest of Telus Spark – make a fun day out of it with your friends and family.

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