When IKEA releases a brand new collection, it is always met with great excitement on my part. When they launched their party supplies last year, I was there stocking up on everything. And the Swedish bulk candy? You know I cannot resist it’s charms…

IKEA just announced a brand-new family + children’s collection debuting in stores this April and I cannot be more thrilled about this new family of designs. The FLISAT series features a product line of small furniture and storage for children aged 3 -12, made entirely of pine. The FLISAT series is truly the epitome of IKEA‘s Scandinavian roots with clean, modern lines, simple construction and practical, functional solutions. The products have been designed to withstand everyday use and grow together with the child. For example, the child’s desk can be tilted and adjusted to three heights and when the doll house is outgrown, it can be used as a wall storage solution to display favourite treasures – though I kind of want the dollhouse for a shelf in my room! Many other FLISAT products feature holders for TROFAST storage boxes, for example the children’s table and desk, so it’s easier to keep the room tidy once the day of play is done. Watch for these in store this April…


FLISAT collection. Toy storage with wheels $39.99 Children’s desk $99 Children’s stool $19.99


FLISAT book display $24.99


FLISAT collection. Toy storage with wheels $39.99 Children’s desk $99 Wall storage $19.99 Children’s stool $19.99 Book display $24.99 Doll house/wall shelf $39.99 Children’s table $74.99PH133033

FLISAT doll house/wall shelf $39.99


Another new product line is a grouping of baby textiles that are absolutely darling. The HIMMELSK baby series features beautiful patterns with stars, clouds and dots in vibrant colours – the new products designed for dressing the nursery to sleeping and feeding times. Made with lyocell, cotton from more sustainable sources and polyester, all products have undergone tough and extensive IKEA tests so they are both safe and healthy. From bibs to blankets and a bed canopy, these baby textiles are sure to stimulate the littlest one and inspire a good night’s sleep. PH132904

DRÖMLAND duvet cover and pillowcase for crib $14.99 STJÄRNBILD duvet cover and pillowcase for crib $8.99 PH132905

KLADDIG bib $5.99 STJÄRNBILD bib $4.99/2 pack


STJÄRNBILD blanket $6.99   PH133037

KLADDIG bib $5.99

Photos via IKEA Canada

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