In case you haven’t heard the news, I recently announced that for the spring + summer I am a brand ambassador for 4th Street here in Calgary. The role is fitting, as 4th Street is one of my favourite places in the whole city and I have spent the past six years living, eating and breathing the culture of 4th Street. What is not to love? The street has everything you could ever want and/or need!


In the spirit of Earth Month, I wanted to share seven great local shops that carry products that are eco-friendly, ethically responsible and sustainable that are all located on 4th Street. While Earth Month is a great initiative to get people thinking about all of the things we should be doing to help care for our earth, I think that our duties definitely extend past the month of April and we should take into account these things each and everyday. Luckily, there are so many great companies that are dedicated to making a difference on planet earth – we have lots to choose from!

Amaranth Market is one of my favourite places to shop in the entire city. Not only do they have an incredible selection of gluten-free products but they also have some amazing egg-free, vegan and vegetarian products that truly make life so much easier with an egg-allergy in the house. Not only are they great for anyone with allergies but eating less meat and animal products also impacts the earth in a very good way. It has actually been proven that giving up red meat will reduce our overall carbon footprint more than getting rid of cars. While I am not vegan, I stopped eating red meat (except for a couple steaks while I was pregnant – the craving was insane!) a few years ago and haven’t looked back. Amaranth also carries fantastic organic produce, vitamins and supplements like VEGA as well as other great products like eco-friendly diapers, toilet paper and laundry detergent. It is definitely a one-stop so if you are looking to bring eco-friendly products into your home, you can pick up pretty much everything at this lovely shop.


Neal’s Yard Remedies is another one of my favourite shops on 4th Street. Priding themselves on creating ethical and organic products, this UK-based brand has brought their wonderful products to the streets of Calgary (their 2nd store is in Southcentre Mall!). Longtime lovers of the brand swear by their all-natural products. I love their philosophy on seeking out natural healing properties from plants and herbs. If you are new to this way of thinking I really recommend you pick up two books from their collection: NYR Beauty Book and the NYR Healing Foods Book. Both are a crash course on how plants and herbs are vital to your well-being and include all sorts of recipes and tips on how to incorporate them into your life. I used their Mother Care and Baby Care collections while I was pregnant and now on Jack – the balms and creams are so amazing. Jack had diaper rash for one day thanks to the Baby Barrier – it cleared it up in no time! I can personally recommend so many of their products – you must check it out!

Pawsitively Natural Pet & Food Supplies: While I don’t have a pet, I have frequented this great shop for pet gifts in the past. Stocking the biggest selection of natural dog food and cat food in Calgary, they carry eco-friendly, Canadian-made products and pet food at competitive prices. All of their products are human-grade food and treats. What I love most about this place is that it is independently and locally owned and operated.


Frequenting The Tea Factory since it opened, I love this fantastic all-natural tea shop. They ensure that all of their teas are 100% all-natural, no artificial flavours or synthetic ingredients. They even have kombucha on tap! Everyone at The Tea Factory is super knowledgable about each tea – and they have dozens of teas so that is saying something. The shop has a super calming atmosphere – I highly recommend checking it out to enjoy a great pot of tea with friends.

OP to Go: A newer addition to the Street, OP to Go is a delicious Vietnamese take-out joint. In a world where styrofoam containers are still being used everywhere, their eco-friendly contribution is their bio-degradable to-go bowls. I really appreciate when a company takes the time to find environmentally-sound options for their customers.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters buy directly from Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya and Ethiopia and have launched quality and sustainability projects in nearly all the countries. I love their Mission cafe – you’ll love it too! It has great character, is perfect for people watching and has a fantastic food menu. They source all of their ingredients locally and all baked goods are made in house.


Another fave spot in Mission, Saje Natural Wellness is an incredibly environmentally responsible company. Their day-to-day business is deeply rooted in a strong environmental commitment. All of their ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources. They have not been tested on animals. Packaging is simple, and made of recycled or recyclable materials. All of that and their products are just beautiful. I love their Peppermint Halo wand – it really helps with headaches!

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