Happy Earth Month, everyone! I feel like this April has been extra special for Earth Month – especially in Calgary because of the incredible spring weather we have been having. Typically, we can still have snow at this time of year but it has been nothing but warm days – this week it pretty much feels like summer. Already this year we have been spending much more time outdoors and have been working hard to find green ways of doing things.


This past weekend we started working on some yard clean-up at our new house. I picked up some of the London Drugs brand paper yard waste bags for all of the old leaves, grass trimmings and weeds from our backyard. The bags are surprisingly very big and fit a lot of yard waste. I love the fact they are 100% Canadian made as well being biodegradable in compost. No sense all of those grass clippings rotting in a plastic bag. I highly recommend these bags.


I am also a big fan of METHOD cleaning products. I have been using them for several years now and have loved what a great job they do without all of the harmful chemicals and odours that often accompany cleaning products. In our new house we have hardwood floors so I picked up the Method Squirt + Mop Almond Non-Toxic Floor Cleaner which has been a great addition to my cleaning day repertoire.

Speaking of clean-up, with a busy toddler running around the house these days I am constantly wiping things up. I love using the Seventh Generation Free + Clear baby wipes because they hypoallergenic, free of parabens and phthalates and are mostly plant-based.

Another notable eco-friendly collection, Attitude has an all natural air purifier that is ideal for adding to your home when you want to avoid unnecessary synthetic fragrances.  The product uses active coal combine with natural essential oils to create a unique product that scents and purifies the air of your home.


While browsing the store, I also found these great all-natural bowls and spoons from World Centric – ideal for backyard fun or picnics with Jack and all of his friends. I love the fact that they are one-time use which is great for quick clean-up but they are practically guilt-free because they are made of plant-based materials that will quickly biodegrade in your compost. Plus, they are super cute – I think you could even paint them with all-natural paint to make them look even cuter for parties. The bowls (plates also available) are completely microwavable and freezer-safe and can handle hot liquids up to 220*F. Another great thing is that they don’t soak through – I picture them being perfect for an ice cream sundae party this summer. The spoons are made from corn and are also completely compostable. Who doesn’t love that?

Check out the full Earth Month flyer from London Drugs to take advantage of all sorts of eco-friendly savings until the end of the month!  You should also check  out GreenDeal.ca, London Drugs’ website all about waste diversion, recycling and sustainability. Find out all of the items that can be recycled at London Drugs (like old electronics and ink jet cartridges) as well as really great educational information about what does “green” actually mean.

I love that London Drugs is making such a big effort to make a difference for our Earth.  They are also extending their waste diversion efforts beyond their stores and into Calgary communities by partnering with Community Associations to host Community Cleanups. These events help divert waste from the Calgary’s landfills by encouraging Calgarians to responsibly recycle household items that are either at the end of their usable life or can be donated to local charities.  For more information, visit greendeal.ca/events.


This post is in partnership with London Drugs for Earth Month and all words are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands keep this blog full of fresh content!

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