For as long as I have been dreaming about being a mother, I have also been dreaming about twinning my clothes to match my children’s. There is just something about a family uniform (nerd alert!) that is just up my alley. Maybe it is my love of the Von Trapp Family Singers and the Sound of Music; or maybe it is because my parents used to dress my brother and I up in matching clothes occasionally (which we loved btw!) when we were little. Whatever the reason, matching clothes with Jack was on my list.

Thanks to the ingenuity of the unrivaled sneaker designers at  Vans and the toddler-sized versions of all of their classic shoes, we finally got the chance to have matching shoes.

I picked up a pair of the Vans Gumsole Old Skool sneakers and Jack got the Vans Toddler Old Skool sneaks. Together we looked pretty rockin’, if I do say so myself. We laced and Velcro’d up and we took our new kicks to the park to test drive them.

My sneakers are super comfortable and ideal for my daytime lifestyle right now – where I am often running around chasing Jack, going for walks to the park and grabbing coffee with friends. I was looking for a black sneaker that would go with just about anything, that was comfortable and had a bit of panache to it. I love the gumsole – it totally adds a vintage-y vibe to the shoes.

For the first 15 months of his life, Jack was wearing slip-on shoes and lace-ups. I am not sure why I waited so long to embrace Velcro. Seriously, it is the greatest invention known to man. I can slip these bad boys on Jack’s feet in record time which is very important these days. He is known to squirm away just as you’ve got the shoe onto his foot! Again, I love the Old Skool collection and it is even cuter on Jack. The iconic Vans waffle sole gives him great stability and some grip as ne navigates the playground.

I highly recommend you check out Union Jack Boots for their great selection of toddler and kids Vans – you might even find something for yourself! So, at what age do they start being embarrassed by their mothers?! Vans_Twinning3 Vans_TwinningVans_Twinning4 Vans_Twinning5 Vans_Twinning6 Vans_Twinning7

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