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There is a new towel on the town and it is going straight to the top of your wishlist. You probably never thought I would utter such words. Well, things have changed since The Rollo Towel Co. launched this year right here in Calgary.  Founded by Allison Hudson, a busy mother of 4, The Rollo Towel Co. was inspired by her love of design, art, fashion and colour. I am so glad she made the jump to entrepreneurship because these towels are perfection. Not only are they colourful and cute with their bold patterns, but I am obsessed with the fringed edge and the circular shape!

Lucky for all of my followers (!!!), she is offering a special promo code COOL20 and will get your $20 off any towel of your choice! Which one will you choose?!

As a stay at home mom to four amazing kids (Parker, 12; Jack and Mya, 9; and Tripp, 6) life was busy but when her youngest started grade school this past September, Allison found herself craving something more. She had the entrepreneurial spirit in her for years before making the leap: “My kids have inspired me to finally go for it,” shares Allison. “It’s super empowering to continue my regular “mom life” while launching The Rollo Towel Co.“.

Personally, I had seen the covetable Australian circular towels in the past and I was blown away to discover that Allison had created a company that was bringing them to Canada AND making them affordable for Canadians to purchase. It seems fitting that Allison’s favourite travel destination is the Mayan Riviera for their great beaches, friendly people and colourful culture - these towels would fit in perfectly.

The Rollo Towel Co. embraces standing-out and being different,” says Allison. “Rollo towels are fringy, fun, and super soft! Imagine yourself at the beach or lake laying on a Rollo towel, and being able to just simply “spin” around to be at the best angle of the sun all day. No more adjusting your towel! You’ll also have more space around you to keep your belongings, and for relaxing and and enjoying your view.”

Sounds like a win to me + a great idea when heading to the beach with kids! I feel like these would be great for picnics too if you don’t have a beach near you.

The online shop is now live and Allison expects to find some great local retailers and participate in some local markets this summer! Don’t forget to use promo code COOL20 to receive $20 off your purchase!


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