In case, you haven’t heard – National Pizza Party Day is coming up on May 20th and I couldn’t be more excited. National Pizza Party Day marks the time-honoured tradition of eating pizza in a party-like atmosphere with fellow pizza aficionados.

Since the dawn of time (the mid-80s), the pizza party has been a quintessential part of life. Remember back in grade school when your birthday party would literally be themed around pizza? Those were the days… While reading about this notable holiday online, I discovered that one of the best ways to observe the day was to: meditate on all of the best pizzas you’ve had over the course of your life and to make a list of your top ten toppings. Sounds like my kind of holiday.


To mark the special day, I decided to host my own pizza party a few days ahead so that I could report back with the best pizzas to be had. Ordering from JUST EAT Canada was super easy which was exactly what I wanted for my laidback dinner party vibe. I didn’t have to slave over a hot stove all day or worry about making sure everything was cooked in a timely fashion – our piping hot stack of pizzas arrived just in time for my hungry guests.

To get in the party mood, we converted our backyard patio set into a makeshift pizzeria – dining al fresco definitely requires a little bit of style. Tablecloths and fresh flowers gave it a some bistro-style panache. Since most of my guests are on a gluten-free diet, we ordered from the tasty pizza joint Lorenzo’s Pizzeria on JUST EAT. I wasn’t sure how many pizzas to get since gluten-free pizzas are often smaller than regular crust pizzas – so I ordered five. I highly recommend Lorenzo’s Pizzeria – their gluten-free crust is thin and crunchy but has a great chew. All of their toppings are incredibly fresh and they don’t put too much sauce on which allows the flavours to speak for themselves.


We ordered the Lorenzo Super Special Vegetarian Pizza, The Zeus Greek Pizza, The Margherita Pizza, The Pepperoni Pizza and the Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza. It was probably more than enough as the pizzas were actually a great size but the group of us managed to devour most of them in mere minutes. The crowd favourite was definitely The Margherita – it was the perfect simple pizza packed with a ton of flavour!

We served up a bunch of crisp ciders and craft beers for our guests and enjoyed the beautiful Saturday night sunshine. We had dessert as well – of course it was the perfect compliment to pizza: ice cream cones!

PizzaParty2  PizzaParty4

One of the best things about ordering in from JUST EAT is the sheer volume of awesome pizza places to order from! As I pointed out in my How to Gilmore post, ordering from multiple eateries in one night is a joy I have never experienced until recently! While we only ended up ordering from one pizza joint for this party (due to requiring gluten-free crusts) there was over two dozen pizza places at our disposal on JUST EAT! Incredible! Pizza parties are best held at home and JUST EAT makes it so easy to stay in while still having a fabulous meal. We enjoyed the best of both worlds – great pizza from a delicious local restaurant while relaxing in our own backyard with good friends.


Planning your own National Pizza Party this coming Friday, May 20th is easy. All you need to do is do a little pizza meditation, gather your best buds, order in your favourite pizzas and enjoy a night of great food, drinks and conversation! Buon appetito!

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