There is nothing I love more than kids being kids. Playing hard, going on adventures and getting dirty. I’ve always believed that clothes are meant to be worn and enjoyed - not to be just saved for a special day (you probably will never see any of Jack’s clothes at a consignment shop, ha!). Redfish Kids, a local Canadian company based in Vancouver, BC, creates beautiful children’s clothing that are well-designed and durable. Each garment is locally made with an amazing attention to detail - each and every piece seems to have a certain uniqueness to it.

“Born out of a need to create clothing with “heart”, Redfish Kids Clothes are symbolic of our commitment to honour the strength and courage of our children and their unlimited potential to shape the future of our world.” Could their mission statement be any more uplifting and inspiring for parents?

They recently sent a package of goodies this way for Jack and his little friend Greta to enjoy. We all headed to the park for a fun playdate with these two blonde toddlers decked out in their Redfish Kids gear. I just love the matching striped shirts - absolutely so cute!

Baby Tofino Kimono || Baby Kuzi Navy & Lime || Kelly Skirt Key Lime || Electric Blue Floral Millie Dress || Chartreuese in Bloom Party Dress || Swing Dress || T-Lab Wooden Cat || Playforever Race Car ||

Thank you to Redfish Kids for gifting these outfits to Jack and Greta.

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