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As some of you may know, I like to keep things in my life a little bit mystical and mysterious from time to time. As much as I am not a religious person in any sense, I would definitely consider myself to be spiritual to some extent and I love seeking out answers and meaning for things that happen throughout life. Some of the most important people in my life are incredibly intuitive and I definitely connect with that/them deeply.

I recently had the opportunity to have a reading with Canadian spiritual medium, Shana Lee Gibson, and it is an experience I won’t soon forget. In fact, it has taken me a few weeks to completely absorb the information she shared with me. I’ve listened to the recording of my reading several times and have referred back to it on a couple occasions already.

Based in Crescent Beach, B.C. (which is actually where I spent a good chunk of my childhood growing up), Shana provides a variety of services to her clients from mediumship, meditation and mentorship. I’ve recently been going through some big life changes both personally and professionally, so I was really looking forward to getting her insight on my situation.

While my reading was only about 25 minutes long (her regular sessions are typically 50min - 1 hour), I gained so much insight on my all aspects of my life. I was very impressed at how intuitive Shana was - and how quickly she assessed my situation. My reading was done on the phone via a conference call which allowed Shana to record our session which she later sent my way for my own personal records.

Throughout the reading, Shana referred to some family members that had passed on that were looking out for me, pets that were happy to have me in their life and even referenced future work opportunities that I could look forward to in the coming year. Overall, the experience was so enjoyable - talking to Shana was like talking to an old friend who knew me well. Her manner is very happy and light and personable - we were able to laugh about some not-very-fun situations which definitely put me at ease with her. Once some more time has passed, I am looking forward to booking a full one hour session with her - hopefully in person (um hello, she lives right near the ocean!) but potentially by phone again.

As much as I loved the opportunity to ask Shana questions about my own life, I was also greatly looking forward to asking her a few questions about her own life, mediumship and how she interacts with clients.

How would you describe yourself as a medium and mentor? 

Shana: That’s a good question! When I tell people I’m a Medium they are perplexed because I’m so normal! They are expecting an old lady with a gypsy scarf wrapped around their head or they are concerned I will randomly blurt out death predictions or warnings. So, they are surprised when they sit down in front of me or I speak to them on the phone and I start talking about what I see in my mind’s eye that relates to their deceased loved ones or situations they are faced with in their life. I have a gift called Clairvoyance and I relay the visions I receive to help the person I’m reading to gain clarity and perhaps heal from guilt or fear they are carrying over a past incident. I’m called to serve and offer the visions as a way for my client to move forward, lighter and more peaceful. It’s an amazing spiritual process and also quite a practical one as funny as that sounds. The information is literal much of the time so there’s no denying what I see and how it pertains to the client. The lack of abstract information tends to bring people back down to earth and out of fearful expectations of ‘what might be revealed.’ They just feel good afterwards and may also then find themselves on the path of transformation and courageously making new decisions.

What can people typically expect from doing a distance reading with you? 

Shana: A lot of people tell me they feel an ease with me they weren’t expecting and they are always surprised by the level of accuracy in the information given. We laugh and have some ‘aha’ moments during the session. I say what I see and I’m constantly humbled by Spirit’s ability to give just what is needed. It’s a nurturing and sometimes mind blowing experience that leaves my client and I in awe. I always say, ‘I’m a Virgo and I need to be thorough’ so I work every angle possible in our time together. At the end of the day, if we have a positive connection I’m going to be able to help and offer some potentially awesome evidence that validates the continuous existence of your deceased loved ones and the power of your soul. 

What is your favourite thing about doing readings via phone or Skype? 

Shana: While I love doing in-person readings, phone readings are awesome because I’ve never seen or spoken to the client before so when I begin sharing my visions they are surprised at what I see and how I’m able to connect with them strictly through voice. That’s because we are energy and not separated by time or space and the voice carries your unique soul vibration. 

In your experience what is the most powerful thing you can impart on to your clients?

Shana: Big question! Hmmm, how to sum it all up. Well, I’d say that things are not always what they appear to be so look for the truth and don’t be satisfied until you get it. Listen to that small voice within that is guiding you right and expect better for yourself. Stop settling out of fear and apprehension that you may not live the life you’re dreaming of. Take a good look at where you are now, accept it & love it and work toward your vision with what you’ve got. Question your dreams and see why you’re chasing what you’re chasing to be sure you’ll end up where you want to be. Talk to your spirit team (whether you know them or not), include God, your Guardian angels in your desires and ask for help. Your deceased loved ones are cheering you on, have forgiven any mistakes in life and are now living a pain free adventure on the Other Side. What you feel is a positive sign from Spirit, IS! Trust what you feel. 

Lastly, I’ve learned so much during my 10 years as a Medium that I recently published a deck of Oracle Cards called, ‘Empowering the Teenage Soul.’ I share all of what I’ve gleamed in these 33 cards. However, I certainly have only skimmed the surface of the Spirit world so I intend to keep learning and growing. 

You can book your session with Shana for both phone/Skype or in-person readings here.

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