I’ve been gluten-free for about sixteen years now so my trials with finding great gluten-free food while out and about have been lengthy. Luckily, for anyone with Celiac or an intolerance to gluten, the restaurant or grab-and-go options around Calgary have improved immensely. 4th Street in particular has an incredible selection of Celiac-friendly spots where you can eat healthy and still maintain your foodie status. These are a few of my favourite places to grab some gluten-free eats on 4th Street:

Shokunin is definitely one of my favourite places to eat out on 4th Street not only because they have great gluten-free options but because they always have such delicious, fresh and inventive menu items. Their menu changes often based on the fresh and seasonal ingredients they bring in but you can’t go wrong with their yakitori menu or daily sashimi. 2016 4th Street SW

Amaranth Market is more than just a grocery store. It is a fantastic and inspiring destination for amazing gluten-free food. I would estimate that 85% of the store is gluten-free making it very easy to shop - especially if you are new at the whole gluten-free thing. Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and willing to help you find unique and delicious products. 1407 4th Street SW

Pho Daddy is a much-welcomed addition to 4th Street. Serving up only pho on their menu, each bowl is made to order and absolutely delicious. The whole experience is interactive; you get to choose your toppings (limes, basil, hot sauce) and your protein (beef or chicken). And the results are absolutely delicious. I highly recommend this spot - for take-out or dine-in! 1304 4th Street SW

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is definitely a mainstay for great coffee on 4th Street but it also really amazing gluten-free baked goods. I’ve been bought entire cakes there for birthdays! They really make an effort to create quality bakery items that truly no one else in city is doing. Even something as simple as a great chocolate cookie or oat bar! 2207 4th Street SW

Blaze Pizza is a more recent addition to 4th Street and definitely a welcome one for anyone craving delicious and inexpensive gluten-free pizza. They serve up their individual-sized pizzas in record time and you get to choose all of your toppings. Make sure to let them know if you have Celiac or an allergy to gluten as they will make sure to change their gloves and utensils. 2032 4th Street SW

Flippn Burgers is another delicious spot to grab a quick bite to eat. They have excellent gluten-free buns for their burgers as well as a few vegan options. And their fries are deadly. Buy extra. 2308 4th Street SW




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