Every year I cannot wait for IKEA to release their PS collection. Season after season they’ve truly delivered with standout pieces that are really timeless for anyone who loves great Scandinavian design - and all at an excellent price point. The PS 2012 black armchair is still a favourite as is this perfect metal cabinet in white. The PS 2017 collection is now live on the IKEA Canada site and there is some really great stuff on there. I’ve highlighted a few of my faves below - check ’em out!


3-Piece Self Watering Plant Pot with Stand: I love the minimalist design of this self-watering plant pot; it would look gorgeous both indoors and outdoors. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting someone in to water your plants if you are going away for an extended amount of time.

White 3 Candlestick Holder: This candlestick holder is simplistic Scandinavian design at its finest. Love this.

PS 2017 Rocking Chair: How comfy and fun does the new rocking chair look? I just want to sink into it with a ton of blankets and throw pillows - and of course, a great book.

White Lounging Blanket: Long gone are the days of the “Snuggie” - say hello to this plushy duvet-style wrap blanket. Its like a cozy jacket for lounging on the couch. Sign me up.

White and Grey Loveseat: I picture this being a great piece in a modern office or studio. Simplistic and stylish, it is a great piece that can transition from space to space.

Beech Sidetable/Stool: This side table immediately went to the top of my wish list after seeing it. The design is classic and would look great in my living room.

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