In celebration of Earth Day, Saje invites you to unplug and relax with their brand-new limited edition Unplug to Connect Candlelight Game & Diffuser Set.  This is the perfect way to spend earth day, going offline and enjoying a deeper connection with those around you. The recyclable gift box connection collection includes:

  • #Nofilter Cardgame – developed by Saje, 100 questions to inspire unfiltered conversation
  • Unearthed Cement Stone Candle Diffuser
  • 100% soy wax tealights
  • Liquid Sunshine Cheerful Diffuser Blend (5ML) and Tranquility Relaxing Diffuser Blend (5ML)

This limited edition collection is available in-store from April 14th - 30th for only $30 with a $30 purchase (regularly $59.95).

 I also spoke with a rep from Saje about some new ways to help unplug on a regular basis - I think these tips are really great and can be applied to anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen.

What is the best way for people to “unplug” throughout the work day? Especially, if you don’t have time to fully unplug?

•         Get outside! Take a wellness break by going for a device-free stroll for 15 minutes

•         Take a minute to be mindful – close your eyes and take three deep breaths

•         Meet a coworker for a lunchtime workout – leave your phones in the locker room and spend 30 minutes catching up face to face

•         Set a reminder in your calendar at the same time every day to stretch for 10 minutes

What are three essential products to help you decompress after a day spent on computers and phones and tablets?

•         Pocket Farmacy – five natural remedies to help you decompress from whatever your day threw at you. We love rolling on Peppermint Halo for immediate soothing relief on the neck and head, and Pain Release to ease tension in the shoulders from hunching over the keyboard.

•         Stress Release Mist – close your eyes, mist this over your head and breath in this calming, balancing blend.

•         aromaOm Ultrasonic Diffuser and Peaceful Diffuser Blend Kit – turn it on as soon as you come on to help you return to a state of calm

I work as a writer and photographer, so I am constantly surrounded by screens and tech on a daily basis - any advice for people working in jobs where you are constantly stuck in a loop of social media, email and work stuff?

•         Allocate time in your schedule to unplug and connect with those around you – ten minutes in the morning and afternoon will help you be more productive in the long run

•         Keep notes on your computer to remind you to breath throughout the day, we can get so caught up and forget about it breathing deeply in moments of heightened anxiety

•         Commit to time away from your screen – make sure to spend at least the last half hour of your day screen free

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