There is nothing better than the satisfaction of growing your own flowers and vegetables. I recently moved into my dream apartment – a heritage building here in Calgary that is full of character and charm – complete with a gorgeous south-facing balcony that is ideal for starting our first garden in the home. Jack and I went to the PC® Garden Centre at Superstore and stocked up on everything we need for our set-up including great strawberry plants, plant pots and beautiful flowers.

The experience shopping at the PC® Garden Centre was great with plenty of fantastic PC items that are perfect for our summer gardening plans. I love how they have so many great gardening tools and essentials, as well as cute outdoor furniture and accessories. As if I needed more of a reason to get inspired about summer, the great selection of PC products makes it even easier to plan out our balcony garden and dining area.

Two of the best essentials we found for our gardening were the PC Magic Grow Single Dose Fertilizer and the PC Magic Grow Hanging Basket and Planter plant food. Working from home and with a busy toddler on the go, I don’t have a ton of time to fuss over gardening, so these are excellent products to help me achieve my summer gardening goals without too much worry

I found some super inspiring images on Pinterest while doing some planning for what our new balcony garden is going to look like. These are some truly gorgeous outdoor living spaces and it would be amazing to create a vibe like these on our new balcony. I’m going to be following up this post with a before-and-after of the balcony so stay tuned for that! In the meantime, I’ll be tending to my new plants and getting everything ready for the rest of the summer!

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