I feel really lucky to know some truly incredible shop owners in this city. I don’t know if it is just because of the line of work I am in or if I’m just drawn to people who simultaneously create welcoming and beautiful curated spaces, but I still feel lucky to know them. Funnily enough, most of them have chosen Inglewood as the home for their shops so I tend to frequent that neighbourhood quite often, visiting their lovely boutiques. I really love shopping but I also really love window shopping. I get so inspired seeing how my friends have built their shops up and created inspiring spaces that invoke all sorts of idea percolation.

DADELOFT: I first met Greg and Darcy years ago when I worked at Art Central and they ran a gallery in the space. It has been so amazing to watch them grow their business and transform it into something truly unique, inspiring and exciting. I wrote about DadeLoft in Avenue Magazine and if you click the link to see the images I took, you’ll see just how cool this interactive show room slash liveable shop really is. You need to see if for yourself though - the art you will see is worth the trip alone. But you’ll also want to buy all of the amazing design objects and home accessories. Sorry - not sorry.

1212 13th Street SE #104

The UNCMNS: I also met Lisa and Ian Davies, sister-brother-team-extraordinaire, when I was basically a teenager. I think they were the first graphic designers I knew! I have seen them go through various formations of retail shops, studios and amazing freelance work. When they opened The UNCMNS in Inglewood several years ago, I knew they were really on to something. Since then, the store has been cutting edge of cool accessories for yourself and your home. It is my go-to shop for amazing gifts for just about anyone! They are always hosting really interesting art shows in the back of the store so make sure you check out every square inch.

1325 9th Ave SE

Fresh Laundry: Fresh Laundry is Lisa and Ian’s other shop just down and across the road from The UNCMNS. While Fresh Laundry is mainly a skincare shop, the whole space is utterly inspiring - from the living moss wall to the touches of gold dotted throughout the pure white store. They also carry a small selection of beautiful home items that will get you inspired to live a more refined lifestyle, only surrounding yourself with things you truly love - like gorgeous ceramics and design magazines.

1216B 9th Ave SE

Guildhall Home: There literally is no shortage of lovely design shops in Inglewood and Guildhall Home is one of the newest. Guildhall carries everything from furniture to linens and pillows to housewares - and everything in between. The way owner Carey Jones has designed the store speaks to the level of expertise he has in the design field and every inch of the Inglewood shop has decor inspiration for you to incorporate into your own home. Another thing I love about Guildhall is that while they carry investment pieces there are also a number of lines and collections that are very affordable - meaning you can begin your design journey on a budget if you want to.

1222 9th Ave SE

Stash Needle Art Lounge: Stash just opened up their brand new location on the corner of 9th Ave SE and 12th Street and it is utterly stunning. This is one crafty business that keeps growing and growing. Stash is a one stop shop for yarn, accessories and classes for knitters and crafters here in Calgary. The store is beautifully designed by owner and expert knitter Veronica Murphy who has grown the business since opening the shop years ago. The shop is filled with so much inspiration - it is literally like a candy store for anyone who loves textiles and DIY projects.

1237 9th Ave SE

PLANT: Lastly, PLANT is my number one stop in the city for amazing plants, succulents and home accessories (ie. plant pots, vases, cute prints and more). PLANT owner Kyle Chow first became well-known for his amazing terrariums and knowledge about succulents, airplants and cacti but now he has definitely become the city’s go-to guy for everything plant related. I’m constantly popping into PLANT for home decor inspiration and dream up my next plant purchase.

1327 9th Ave SE

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