It is no secret that Inglewood is one of my favourite places to hang out in the city. I love the boutiques, the people, the views of downtown - and I also actually really love the food. I’ve been sharing some of my favourite spots in Inglewood on social media all month long in support of #inInglewood and I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite spots to grab a gluten-free meal. There tons of other great restaurants in the area - this is just a list of the ones I return to time and time again!

Inglewood Pizza: Hands-down the BEST greasy, thick crust extra tasty gluten-free pizza in all of Calgary, Inglewood Pizza is a must-eat when in the neighbourhood. Between their iconic pizza boxes, their cute little eaterie is a great spot to put up your feet an enjoy a personal pizza with a friend. There are only like four seats so you might have to take your pizza to go - but with the river only blocks away eating outdoors has never looked so good. Maybe I am basic but I seriously love the gluten-free pepperoni and cheese. Also, as a forewarning, the first time you have Inglewood Pizza you will probably go back and be like “this can’t possibly gluten-free; its so chewy and fluffy”. But it is and it is the best!

1225 9th Avenue SE

Inglewood Drive-in: This is one of Inglewood’s cutest, most legendary spots that also happens to get overlooked all of the time. Don’t wander past this delicious and inexpensive eaterie! They carry gluten-free buns for their burgers and veggie burgers - both of which are absolutely delicious. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll be blown away by their selection of milkshakes - they even have a mouthwatering lavender milkshake. Unreal. The dairy-free pineapple Dole Whip is a huge hit as well. Also just as an FYI, their fries are not gluten-free as I sadly mistook them for being gluten-free (not fun.). All in all, the service is excellent and its a cute spot to grab a bite.

802 12th Street SE

Without Papers Pizza: If you are more of a thin crust pizza type of person, I would recommend checking out Without Papers Pizza. I love the ambiance of WOP; it has a great bustling vibe with views over 9th Avenue. They also often screen movies projected on their walls which I love. Their classic Margherita pizza is my fave with the Hawaiian coming in at a close second.

1216 9th Avenue SE

Well Juicery: While Well Juicery is not a restaurant it is a great place to pick up drinks and snacks while on the go. One of my fave vegan and gluten-free companies Little Tucker operates out of Well Juicery and I can always count on them to have delicious bite-sized treats to share with Jack. Their “snickers bar” is seriously legendary - I can’t even handle how good it is - I always pick one up to throw in the freezer for when I need to “eat my feelings” but don’t want to feel guilty about it, haha.

1327a 9th Avenue SE

Delightful Donuts & Cafe: Another hole-in-the-wall type of spot, chances are you’ve walked by Delightful Cafe a dozen times without even noticing it. While the name advertises donuts, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a donut in the cafe. I go there to get the best Vietnamese food in Inglewood. The owners are very kind and have built such a loyal clientele. I love walking into places like this where everyone seems to be a regular and people are chatting from table to table. I like to get their classic lemongrass chicken rice vermicelli without any spring rolls - delicious.

1201 9th Avenue SE

The Nash: While the Nash is decidedly higher-end than the rest of the spots on this list, I’ve managed to find the best gluten-free take-out deal. Their Happy Chicken wood roasted whole chicken is $25 and seriously the most flavourful roasted chicken ever! Get it with fries and their house-made jus and you’ve got a gourmet dinner to go for less than $40. Any leftovers go towards making homemade chicken soup so it’s actually like two meals in one! Winning.

925 11th Street SE

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