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Tis the season to be sparkly! I’m not sure about you but I am so ready for the Christmas holidays to begin - I’ve had my Christmas tree up since October (I bought a new one this year and wanted to make sure it was going to look good, okay?!) and I’m feeling very festive and excited to settle in for some holiday relaxation. I’ve been dreaming up some beautiful table stylings for the holidays and thought I would finally make it a reality. I love all things gold & pink and decided to forego the traditional red & green decor of Christmas for something a bit more glam and feminine.

I am a big fan of shopping the secondhand market (thrifting, consignment and Kijiji typically) so when Value Village reached out to me to talk about holiday decor, I got super inspired to go out hunting for some special additions to my pink & gold holiday tablescape. Scroll down to the bottom for a few of my favourite tips on thrifting for decor.

I set out to do my shopping with a few things in mind. I wanted to find some unique bowls, an ice bucket and some elegant decor touches for my holiday tablescape. I must have been very lucky that day because I found more than a few gems in my hunt.

I absolutely love these gold poinsetta picks that I found. I clustered them around my candlestick display and also tucked them into the green garland I had purchased from IKEA. They are super versatile (could use them on the Christmas tree next year or as part of a napkin holder) and they add a bit of holiday shine to the tabletop.


Placecards are always an elegant touch to the table. These sweet Christmas tree cards are actually gift tags I found in my Christmas wrapping stash.

This sweet little golden sleigh was one of my favourite finds at Value Village that day. It is so gorgeous on its own but I filled it with some of my favourite glitzy Christmas balls for a bit more of that holiday glam essence.


The brass candlestick trio is another one of my favourite finds. Also, I love collecting candles in unique colours from the thrift store. They are very inexpensive (4 for $1.00 in this case) and you can put together some really beautiful arrangements with your finds.

Another tip I can offer is to look at the silverware - it is definitely an overlooked section of the thrift shop as most people don’t want used cutlery but you can find some really beautiful, quality pieces if you look. I love these silver tongs I found!

Another amazing find from the day, I have been searching for the perfect ice bucket FOR YEARS. I was so thrilled to find this gold and clear plastic ice bucket in such perfect condition. It works great - kept ice frozen over night - and it matches so much of my decor.

I love this beautiful glass bowl I found; there is something so elegant and delicate about it. Plus, the colour is perfect for my collection.

Another special glass find, these candlestick holders are gorgeous additions to my candle collection.


Top 4 Tips for Thrifting for Decor

  1. Set a budget. The whole point of shopping secondhand is to save a couple of bucks so you don’t want to go over budget when you are hitting up the thrift stores. The more you thrift the better you’ll know what is a good price and what is not. If something is a splurge but is on your list, go for it but don’t go over budget just for the sake of finding something.
  2. Don’t get distracted by things you don’t need. Sometimes the thrift store can offer you a plethora of amazing finds on one day and it can be so easy to get distracted and start filling your cart with all sorts of treasures. Stick to what you are looking for and only get distracted if it is something you’ll never be able to find again.
  3. Come with a list. Though I do love to go thrifting just for the heck of it if I don’t have a list I end up forgetting the things I need (picture frames, candlesticks, ceramics - usually!) or end up wandering around aimless, buying things I don’t need.
  4. Take chances. Decorating is supposed to feel good and exciting and if you stick with the same old basics you’ll never fully explore your own creativity. Take some risks and try out something new and beautiful.

This post is not sponsored however I was gifted $50 store credit to Value Village to find these holiday decor items. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog full of fresh content.

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