Anyone else craving warm summer air as though their life depended on it? I’ve just been daydreaming about long summer days when Jack and I can bring his little bike out to the parks and enjoy some some picnics in the sun. IKEA just launched their Summer 2018 lookbook that debuts on March 1st and it is definitely inspiring me to start planning out our summer. Their tagline is “this summer, there is no place like home” and I couldn’t agree with that more.

Anyways, the new collection is absolutely dreamy (those textiles!) and I’m excited to explore the products very soon when I pop by the Calgary store.

SOMMAR 2018 mug $3.99

Dark grey SOMMAR 2018 bowl $1.99

Dark grey SOMMAR 2018 mug $1.99

Dark grey STOCKHOLM 2017 carafe $12.99

SOLVINDEN LED pendant lamp, outdoor $49.99/each

Orange/blue SOMMAR 2018 tea towe l $4.99/2 pack

Beige/striped SOMMAR 2018 tablec loth $24.99/each

Beige/striped Turquoise/pat terned SOMMAR 2018 cushion cover $5.99

SOMMAR 2018 tray $9.99

Beige INTAGANDE glass $1.99/each

Light pink SOMMAR 2018 tea towe l $4.99/2 pack

SOMMAR 2018 beach towel $14.99

Multicoloured, light SOMMAR 2018 cushion cover $5.99

Multicolour/striped SOMMAR 2018 picnic hamper $19.99

SOLVINDEN LED light ing chain with 12 bulbs, outdoor $39.99/each

Multicolour SOMMAR 2018 cushion cover $5.99/each

Multicolour/striped Pink SOMMAR 2018 full/queen duvet cover and pillowcase $29.99

SOMMAR 2018 mug $1.99 27cl. Pink SOMMAR 2018 mug $3.99

Pink VARDAGEN teapot $9.99

Dark grey VIGDIS cushion cover $9.99/each

Dark grey Beige AINA curtains, 1 pair $69.99

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