I’ve been quite taken with the art and design collaborations that Quebec-based retailers Simons have been creating over the years - especially since they opened their doors here in Calgary. Their love of supporting artists runs deep and it is clear throughout the entire store with an incredible art collection and attention to detail in every sense of the word.

Their latest women’s collaboration with Chicago-based illustrator Kate Pugsley is truly something out of my dreams. First of all, I love her colour palettes - her bright hues aren’t primary - they are softer, more muted. I love the constant use of soft pink or peach throughout her work - it’s gorgeous. Secondly, the seaside theme to these pieces has me daydreaming for a coastal vacation immediately. How cute would the clam pullover look walking the beach at dusk with an ice cream cone in hand?

Everything is a fun, whimsical spin on traditional nautical wear - I want the whole collection. Kate Pugsley was interviewed by Simons on their blog which you can read  here - I always find it so fascinating to hear the artistic process - especially when an artist is approached with the task of working with a major brand like Maison Simons. You can shop the whole collection here.

photos via Maison Simons

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