I recently came across Babak Ganjei‘s work somewhere on the internet (probably spiraling down a late night rabbit hole of Instagram and Pinterest) and was immediately hooked by his scrawled messages that are simultaneously poignant and bizarre.  Every poster is made to order (in small editions) and is handwritten - not printed. No two poster is alike which is something I’m very into - who wants replicas - I only want originals.

Of course, I instantly fell in love with the “I’m in the bush outside and I really love you” poster because of its perfect combination of desperation, romance and total lack of self awareness.

His online shop is full of gems inspired by real heartfelt messages that maybe everyone feels deep inside but doesn’t really ever say outloud but instead they will frame them and put them on their walls for everyone to see and then all have a good laugh about it.

Beyond the online shop (support artists plz) his website catalogues all of his past shows, installation work and projects - it is all incredibly inspiring. Take a peek - I especially love his YOU ARE ALONE series.

You can even get him to send you or someone else who needs it an “Everything is going to be ok” text message for a small fee.

And of course, he has apparel and of course, it is perfect. I feel like a shirt like this will help the greater good make solid relationship choices moving forward. Yup, let’s all make good choices, folks.

All images via Babak Ganjei.

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