Favourite Fall Things

I haven’t updated in awhile!  Work has been hectic and we had a medical emergency in the office yesterday so I’ve been trying to destress by working out and movie watching.  We cancelled our cable the other day and are now addicted to Netflix.ca — they don’t have a huge selection yet but we have found some real indie gems.  So good.

We are both getting really excited about going away this weekend to visit The Millers in Trail!  It will be so nice to get out of the city and have our first road trip in our little car.  I am so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving with some special friends and family.  It is one of my favourite holidays and the weather has been so perfect lately, it got me thinking about my favourite fall things.

magical forest hikes

good food, good wine

everything pumpkin related.  the pumpkin spice soy candle we have is burning so deliciously.

getting out my toy cameras.  fall is captured so beautifully.

being cozy and drinking warm drinks

all images from here.

one womans treasure becomes anothers

You likely saw my post about selling my beautiful 1950s sectional sofa.  And you probably were all crossing your fingers that I wouldn’t sell it so that you could come over at least one more time and lounge on its deliciousness. Right?  Well, I sold it!  And I sold it to the most perfect person ever!  She is another vintage lover, even more so than me!

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?!?

Her name is Jennea Frischke and she is a local vintage collector and vendor. You can often find her booth at the Market Collective that runs bi-monthly in Calgary.  You can also read this article from Kitschykoo! (when I was still doing it) by Harvey Hinton.  I can’t wait to see how she fits the sofa into her place and decorates!  I think I might have to do a home invasion photoshoot once she’s got her new friend, Couch, all settled in!  So excited for it to be going to a great home! xo

supersampler honeymoon

Our sweet-as-pie friends Sean and Diego gave us a Super Sampler Lomo camera for our wedding along with a bunch of rolls of film.  I just got back the first roll of film and I LOVE the results!  They are making me want to go back to California SO bad.  Thanks Sean and Diego!  You guys are the best! xoxo

Weekend Friend

What a great weekend! Traipsing off to the mountains for the day and then yesterday have an awesome workout with Mr. Honey (part of our great new fitness adventure!) and an amazing family dinner at my parents house.  My Mom is such a good cook – I learned everything I know about cooking from her.  I remember back in the day when I would burn rice; that is how terrible I was at cooking.  Now, I know how to cook a roast, concoct delicious sauces, and come up with desserts from scratch.  We had a delicious roast beef dinner with a cauliflower bake whose recipe could have been out of a 1950s cookbook but was SO good.  Definitely going to be stealing that recipe! Cornflakes baked on top and all!

I made some yummy gf chocolate chip cookies for everyone and we all enjoyed them while watching the latest episode of Mad Men with a cup of decaf coffee or wine.  I didn’t really enjoy last nights episode of Mad Men.  All of the characters were going in directions I didn’t want them to.  I guess that’s real life though.  People make bad choices all of the time.  The fashion was great though. Loved Peggy’s beach outfit.  Her cute red/white striped top and denim skirt.  Gidget-chic!

In other news I was interviewed in Unlimited Magazine about Art Central here.  Unlimited is one of my absolute favourite magazines and I hope to write for them one day.  They always have cutting edge stories about young business life in Alberta.

Also, there is an amazing opportunity for a creative ambitious type for local international success magazine, UPPERCASE.  They are hiring an advertising manager for their publication and I think it is such a great job for anyone wanting to get magazine experience and to work for a magazine that is truly passionate about art and design, inside and out.  Here is the job posting.


Spontaneous Day Trip to Banff!

When we woke up this morning it was already so warm and sunny out we decided to skip out on cleaning the house and running errands and instead decided to go on a mini road trip to Banff.  It was a lovely drive out to the mountains — we are so lucky to live so close to such paradise.  Banff was beautiful, of course, and full of people taking advantage of this indian summer.  We had a great lunch at The Elk & Oarsmen and walked around the shoppes in Banff.  Later we got some great lattes and gf pear/raspberry crumble from Wild Flour, my favourite coffee shop ever and walked along the river.  It was so beautiful.  So happy we have a car now to take off to the mountains whenever we feel like it.  Family day tomorrow, can’t wait to see Coco!  xo

A Perfect Day!

I started off this morning with a delicious latte and a crisp Autumn jaunt to work.  To see all of the trees so golden and the leaves falling everywhere, gave me so much joy inside! I almost bought a pumpkin spice latte again but held off for fear of an overdose.  They are so good but I could definitely see how drinking too many of them could lead to sickness.  Soon after I got to work I headed up to the Calgary Herald offices to visit the staff of my favourite Canadian magazine, Calgary’s Weekly Swerve magazine to get an update on things up there and hear about their exciting new project about to launch this fall!  I love going up to their offices because there is such a great energy in their.  You can literally feel the creativity bursting out of the staff.  Shelley Youngblut is the amazing force behind Swerve and she really puts her EVERYTHING into what she does and it shows each Friday in the latest issue.  I grabbed a huge stack of Swerve’s to give out to friends and headed back downtown feeling inspired, refreshed, and hopeful.  What a great way to start the day!

Tonight we are going to do our first big grocery shop with our car and stock our pantry and fridge full of all sorts of deliciousness for the busy couple of weeks to come.  We also have tickets to the Yukon Blonde concert at the Republik tonight which will be great.  Missed these guys everytime they have played Calgary but LOVE their music so this should be a lovely date with Mr Honey.  Tomorrow we continue on our exercise adventure with a session with our fabulous trainer, Nathalie.  Can’t wait — mainly because I love hanging out with her.  She is so much fun.   Thanksgiving is next weekend and we are going on a little road trip to Trail, B.C. to visit our friends John and Jen and their two darling daughters along with Blair and Lauren and perhaps some other Calgary folks.  Should be a lovely long weekend.  Since we are going away for Thanksgiving, and in my family Thanksgiving is a big deal, we are having an early celebration this Sunday with my Mom, Dad, and Tom.  And of course Coco.  I have so much to be thankful for it almost seems suiting that we are having two Thanksgivings!

Have a great evening! xo

Official Yuppies!

Yep, that is Byron! Driving our brand-new car!  I need to get some actual glamour shots of our new transportation but let me tell you we have definitely been loving getting around in our new love-bug.  We got a Hyundai Accent Hatchback and it is absolutely adorable.  Tons of storage and looks super cute too.  Not bad for our first car.  Tonight after I got home from yoga, we needed food and we also wanted to drive around in our new car so we decided lets go somewhere cool!  And what is not cooler than Peter’s Drive In on 16th Ave NE.  It is one of the best drive-in’s in Calgary and brings back so many memories of going there when I was a teenager with friends.

You can get any flavour you want.  We went with Choco-Banana.  Pretty classic, pretty yum.

Byron was more than excited about his milkshake.

The drive home…the looming Bow Tower off in the distance.  It was interesting to view it from this angle.  The other side of it shines into our bedroom window every night and we pretty much have to put the black-out shade down every night.  Calgary, for ya.

Fall is in the Air

Is there anything that is satisfying and as reminiscent of autumn as Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte?  I don’t think so.  I drink Starbucks quite often but I wouldn’t say that I am a huge fan.  But the Pumpkin Spice — that’s a different story.  Did you know it is also gluten-free?  Fantastic.

I’ve got another hour of work to go and then I am off to yoga and relaxing at home with my man.



Pretty Pretty Pals: Sadie Designs

There are so many interesting and inspiring people out there and I already know a lot of them.  Recently, I hosted a contest on New Canadian Modern for my friend and jewellery designer Sarah Rankin’s company, Sadie Designs.  Sarah makes truly beautiful pieces and her blog is also very inspiring. She always makes great posts about her adventures on the West Coast with her lovely fiancee Jeff.  Whether it be food, film, art, fashion or just daily life, Sarah makes it oh-so-special.  I am in love with her latest piece, this incredible skeleton key that has the word “PRESTO” etched into it.

Here is an excerpt of the NCM article:

Sadie Designs is a truly inspiring little company.  I met Sarah while studying at the University of Calgary and always loved her prints that I would glimpse during Open Studio Days in the Art Department.  She hung out with an amazing group of women who all have gone on to do incredibly inspiring and exciting things — all of them sprawled across Canada and the States, and sometimes even Europe.  When I first heard about Sadie Designs coming into fruition — I was so excited to see the finished products.  I love hearing stories about people who make their dreams come true, and put the motion of creating ahead of other things, a true priority.  At my job here in Calgary, we recently showcased some Sadie Designs necklaces and earrings at a little show called ‘Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood’.  Her collection included geometric and typographically-inspired pieces, made with fantastic natural materials and careful, beautiful detailing.

Here is a little bit more about Sadie Designs and Sarah Rankin, the artist behind it all.
About Sadie Designs: Unique, handcrafted jewelry made in Vancouver, Canada. Many things inspire Sadie: the cities I’ve lived in and visited, drawings, architectural forms, and the outdoors are just a few that come to mind.
About Sarah: Sarah studies printmaking at the University of Calgary and now lives in Vancouver where she is in her final year of a Masters of Landscape Architecture degree.  She loves to make things and tried to eat in, keep her garden healthy, and walk her dog regularly.  Her favourite new book is Just Kids by Patti Smith, but her favourite book ever is Where I’m Calling From by Raymond Carver.