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the great table & birthday brunches

This past Sunday, Byron and I hosted our first family meal in our new apartment.  This was all thanks to our lovely new table and chairs that we purchased over the weekend.  We put together a little joint birthday brunch for my parents who both had birthdays this month, my Mom on the 4th and my Dad on the 13th.  Its been a crazy month so decided that this Sunday would be the best day to have it.  Coco Puff came over too and here she is looking so sweet in the Roots sweatshirt she got for Christmas.  Keeps her nice and warm in these -25 degree conditions.

We went to the new Farmers Market in town, Kingsland Farmers Market, on Saturday and had a really great time picking out delicous things for the birthday brunch.  This goat brie we found was amazing and so was the goat cheese with cinnamon saskatoon berries!  We also got some great fruit wines that are from Strathmore of all places.  Utterly perfect for cheesy brunch.  Yum.

Also picked up these macaron-encrusted marshmallows from this delightful macaron stand at the market.  I am going to try to recreate these for our 1960s french-inspired housewarming party next month.  I am also going to attempt macarons though I am a little nervous — they are so cute and perfect looking!!!  Anyways, these were a perfect dessert for our brunch, though I didn’t stop there.  I also made a smokin hot apple crisp with fresh whipped cream.  Heavenly!  And fattening!  But so worth it — birthdays are all about indulging a bit, whether it is your birthday or not!!!

So many treats on our lovely new table!  Gypsy salami, sundried tomato havarti, goat brie, goat cheese with cinnamon saskatoon berries, fresh avacado, sauteed vegg (portobellos, red peppers, grape tomatoes, and sweet onion), feta stuff jalapenos, sweet pickles & rhubarb jelly & blood orange marmalade all made by me!  We also had a fresh loaf of homemade bread cut into strips and heavily toasted.  Meant to be smothered in cheese and jams.

I nearly forgot I also made a sweet tomato & basil soup as a starter.  tasted so good with a chunk of the toast dipped in it!  Also, those monster grapes were incredible.

A better view of our pretty new table.  We already had the two swivel chairs and got the two danish modern-inspired chairs to go with them, with plans to get two more when we have more cash!  It is so lovely having a dining table finally!  Feels like a real home or somethin!

mon petit coco

I have got to go visit my parents this weekend before I jet off to Montreal for the week to see our family dog, Coco!  She is an adorable chocolate brown miniature poodle who is the most affectionate being I know!  All she ever wants to do is snuggle, hug, and kiss!  Okay, she likes to playfight as well but she really is the sweetest natured thing in the world!