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Do you believe in Magic?

Last Thursday, Byron and I got taken to KOOZA Cirque du Soleil by my good friend Denise and her lovely husband Mike.  Since we had just seen LOVE in Vegas, we were so excited to see another Cirque show.  We are so lucky — two Cirque shows in a month!  We started off the night with some delicious carnival popcorn and PINK champagne!  I was so happy to be drinking pink champagne and eating popcorn.  What a great combination.  We found our seats under the big top in Stampede Park and settled in to watch the show.  What I saw was mind-blowing.  It amazes me how every single performer in Cirque Du Soliel is so incredibly talented and make everything look so easy.  And then I start to think about how many Cirque shows are happening simultaneously!  Who knew that there was that many amazing people in the world who can contort unexplainably and have impeccable balance?  Anyways, it was a lovely autumn evening to hang out with two lovely people and see an amazing performance.  Byron and I are actually considering taking a Vegas Vacation on a weekend so that we can see another Cirque show, perhap O or Viva Elvis!

I took this photo as we were leaving the grounds.  What a beautiful night.