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Here’s my list of amazing things happening in Calgary. Have fun + shop local! Also, spread the good word to your friends. [Painting above by Heather Buchanan who will be at Market Collective’s 6th Anniversary Market.]


♥ Friday Sept 5. 4-9PM + Saturday Sept 6. 10-6PM + Sunday Sept 7. 10-6pm. The beloved Market Collective is hosting their biggest market yet, this time in a beautiful venue in the East Village. Celebrating their 6th Anniversary with a massive three day market, MC has really outdone themselves this time curating some of the best artists in the city for this special event. You won’t want to miss – at 618 Confluence Way SE!  MORE INFO.

♥ Monday Sept 8 + Tuesday Sept 9.  CAMP FestivalCAMP in partnership with FITC, celebrates creative technology, art and design by bringing together like-minded professionals, artists, and students to share and shape experiences that educate, challenge and inspire. CAMP is hosted at the historical Theatre Junction GRAND in Calgary. Tickets here.

♥ Wednesday Sept 10 – Sunday Sept 14, Beakerhead. I am SO excited to be finally be in town for this year’s Beakerhead. With spectacles like LaserCat and El Pulpo, a giant fire breathing octopus, it is something that no Calgarian should miss if they can help it. Get the full scoop here and don’t miss a single pop-up party or performance.

♥ Friday Sept 12, 6pm – 12am, Inglewood Night Market. I am getting all prepped for the final Inglewood Night Market of the season. I’ll be setting up a booth at STASH Needle Art Lounge to flog some vintage wares + clothing, so definitely stop by if you are in the hood! Some awesome Beakerhead stuff is also popping up in Inglewood for the market which you do not want to miss.

♥ Friday Sept 19, 7:30am – 9:30am, Nordstrom Pre-Opening Beauty Bash:  Bring your girlfriends and start shopping Nordstrom’s world of cosmetics while you wait for the new store to open. Get the inside scoop on new products and trends from the top names in beauty—and learn the latest tips and tricks from their team of beauty experts. Enjoy complimentary consultations and demonstrations, along with some beautiful surprises. Join in at the main Nordstrom entrance.

Friday Sept 19, 9:30am, Nordstrom Grand Opening: The new Nordstrom opens! Come check it out, celebrate and shop the season’s best styles. We can’t wait to meet you and see your style.

♥ Saturday October 4, 7pm, PARKLUXE 2014PARKLUXE is a fashion show and art exhibition initiative featuring local designers and professional artists who share a common, high-end target market. PARKLUXE is designed to connect Calgary fashion and art lovers with sophisticated local designers and artists who are making an impact outside of our city limits, and throughout Canada and North America. This season’s show is proving to be an incredible one! So proud of our local designers. 

♥ Friday October 17, 4pm – 9pm + Saturday October 18, 10am – 6pm. New Craft Coalition is back for their fall show. Their mission is to bring a carefully curated collection of independently produced, Canadian art, craft + design to the people of Calgary twice annually, with other plans unfolding all the time! I cannot wait to see the amazing products at this year’s show. 

♥ ♥ ♥

sweet market times

As you know, a couple of weeks ago I had a booth at the Market Collective here in Calgary with my Mom and my friend Amanda Meador. It was a really great weekend and I ended up just about selling out of everything I brought which is the goal of any vendor. Our booth had all sorts of beautiful things like jams, jellies, pickles, aprons, pillows, teacup paintings, and more!  We re-merchandised our table a couple of times which really helped sell things that were not as prominent at first.  Here are some photos of our wares.

Yuppie Love: Honey pots, Martini Sugar Rimmers, Hot Chocolates, Jams & Pickles.

Yuppie Love signs for the booth!

A full shot of our booth. I love the aprons my Mom made.

So many adorable aprons!  The little girl aprons are my favourite!  I wish I was that small!

Amanda’s beautiful little teacup pieces.  I also love the Vintage Fan Series above.

My “GingerFriends” and the adorable gingerbread man apron!

The Vegas Martini Sugar Rimmers were a big hit!  So yummy too!


Adorable Photo of our table by Nicoleirene Dyck!  Love that girl!

I can’t wait until the next Market Collective which I am guessing is in February.  I will create lots of delicious things for Valentines Day.  Perhaps, a perfect sweet cherry pie-in-a-jar?  And gluten-free heart cookies.  We are moving in 2 days and my new kitchen is so perfect for creating amazing things.  Photos to come as soon as we get organized. xo.

Visit Yuppie Love at Market Collective!

Hey Friends!  I am going to be at the Market Collective on Saturday December 11 and Sunday December 12 with my jams, jellies, and gluten-free goodies!  I am sharing the booth with my lovely Mom, Sew Pretty Sew Vintage and my friend Amanda, MEADOR. My Mom, Carrie, will be displaying her wonderful handmade items like Christmas stockings, beautiful decorative pillows, and little girl accessories!  Amanda will be showcasing her latest collection of paintings & mixed media pieces.  Our theme is loosely based on the notion of Domestic Bliss, so it will definitely be a lot of fun!  I hope you can make it and come visit!  I will be posting a full list of everything I will be selling at the market next week.  In the meantime, stay warm!  Brrr!  That -27 C walk to work this morning was mighty biting!  The strong North winds were blowing me away.  Come on warm tropical South winds!!! Return to us!

A Day of Yum

Wow, obviously I didn’t really keep up with the whole NoPoBloMo thing.  Life got busy, life got hectic.  And I slacked! But I am back on the keyboard ready to share the latest foods and yummy things and lovely days I have been having.  Today was a particularly lovely day.  A regular Sunday with tons of snow, making it feel extra cozy staying indoors.  We made a trek to the drugstore and to the coffee shop, all bundled up in our furs and scarves and woolen coats.  The wind chill is brutal though, I needed a face mask just to walk the 3 blocks to the coffee shop.

I got a lot done today too, it was quite productive.  Cleaned up the house, organized all my paperwork, and made a plan to get crafty in the kitchen.

I have been thinking about gluten-free breads, rolls, and loaves ever since San Francisco so  thought I would try making some today.  These are extra delicious with basil and rosemary baked into them.  With a little butter scraped on them, they are absolutely to die for!  A couple people have already asked me for the recipe, which I will post soon.

I made a huge batch of pickles for the upcoming Market Collective where I am doing a booth with Sew Pretty Sew Vintage (my Mom) and MEADOR (my friend Amanda).  I am so excited to put this booth together with them — I know we will be creating something really beautiful and unique — perfect for the Christmas Market.  We will be there on December 11, 10 – 5pm and December 12, 11 – 5pm.  I will be posting more details on what I will be selling at the market in the next week or so.

Tomorrow I am going to make a batch of classic Strawberry jam, so I started prepping them tonight.  Delicious fresh strawberries dusted in sugar, soaking out all the good juices overnight.  I can’t wait to make this jam — who doesn’t love Strawberry Jam!?


Lastly, I made an incredibly spicy dinner for Mr Honey and I.  Szechuan Shrimp & Tofu with sweet onion, kale, and red pepper served up on some Asian white rice vermicelli.  Our mouths were burning by the end of the meal but was it ever worth it!  The whole thing was delicious.  I love the tofu mixed with the shrimp — it adds something a little different.

I love Sundays because they are such a great day to get things done, but I hate how when you get to around 9pm you realize that it is back to the grind tomorrow and you will have to wait another 5 days to really relax again.  I have lots to look forward to this week however — coffee with some of my favourite girlfriends, finishing off the strawberry jam, my Parents’ 33rd Anniversary ( LOVE!), and spending time with my sweetheart.


one womans treasure becomes anothers

You likely saw my post about selling my beautiful 1950s sectional sofa.  And you probably were all crossing your fingers that I wouldn’t sell it so that you could come over at least one more time and lounge on its deliciousness. Right?  Well, I sold it!  And I sold it to the most perfect person ever!  She is another vintage lover, even more so than me!

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?!?

Her name is Jennea Frischke and she is a local vintage collector and vendor. You can often find her booth at the Market Collective that runs bi-monthly in Calgary.  You can also read this article from Kitschykoo! (when I was still doing it) by Harvey Hinton.  I can’t wait to see how she fits the sofa into her place and decorates!  I think I might have to do a home invasion photoshoot once she’s got her new friend, Couch, all settled in!  So excited for it to be going to a great home! xo