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this little house of mine

Apartment Therapy: Photos of my new place!  Last weekend, Mr. Byron Honey (my sweet S.O.) and I moved into a nice and cozy new apartment.  My lovely friends Robin and Amy helped us unpack and build any of the IKEA furniture we had purchased, which was an amazing and pleasant surprise!  If it wasn’t for them and Byron’s brother Blair we probably wouldn’t have anything built yet — it probably wouldn’t have even been comofortably liveable until February!  So thanks guys — you are the best!  Anyways, once the furniture was built everything seemed to fall into place perfectly.  Pictures hung, plates put away, records played….fantastic!

There are a lot of improvements to come.  I left a bunch of my art collection at my parents house, so when I pick that up it should flesh out a little bit more.  I have cushions for the chairs to sew, pillows for the bed and couches, curtains, and we still have to tackle the den/spare rom/dressing room/balcony entrance.  So expect to see more photos coming soon with my new projects.

The Record Zone.  This  is where we will have future dance parties, slow dances, and raiding eachothers record collections.

The Living Room.  My mint condition 1950’s couch, 50s floor lamp, and Chris Zajko original.

The Dining Area.  I love these chairs I got from Ikea!  They look so perfect with my vintage 1950s diner table I got several years ago thrifting.  The computer is only there temporarily until we get a wireless moden — then it will be moved to the kitchen bar.  I was really excited to finally get to put my Matt Luckhurst piece in a kitchen.  I bought it three years ago after the Popcorn Show I hosted at the now defunct IDEAL gallery.  I also got a whole bunch of really beautiful cookbooks for Christmas so it is nice to have them on display.

Kitchen counter stuff!

I got a beautiful new KitchenAid Mixer for Christmas from my parents — its pretty much most favourite thing ever!  I also got those adorable espresso cups & saucers from a shoppe in Nelson BC with my BFF Robin in the summer time!

View of the Kitchen.  My computer will be moved underneath the Shatner Print which I bought at Uppercase Gallery a couple years ago during the Shatner Show.

My Lisa Brawn ‘Martha Stewart’ portrait watches over my kitchen for me and guides me daily to homekeeping bliss.

Another view of the living room.  I am so in love with that couch.  It is so perfect.

My awesome boomerang table.  I got it for $5 at Value Village the same day I bought the couch at an antique mall.  Lets just say I squealed a lot that day!

My beautiful 1950s credenza!  Amazing unit for storage.  Also, the beautiful flowers Mr. Honey gave me as a housewarming gift! <3

The Bedroom Zone.  Twinkle lights are mandatory.  I have little diamond lights and star lights.

If it ever gets really cold again (please no!) it will be so nice and cozy to have a fireplace at the foot of the bed!  Also, a portrait of me by local Calgary artist, Pamela Szata.

Mr. Honey got me this cabinet to house some of my special things!

My vintage deer figurines collection!

All of my favourite purses!

Shoes shoes shoes!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour.  I can’t wait to plan my housewarming party!  It is February 13th, so it will be Valentine-themed with plenty of treats and pink cocktails!  I can’t wait to start baking with my Kitchenaid!  xoxo