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Pretty VS. Edgy: Design Dilemma

Can you mix pretty with edgy?

As you can see a couple entries below, I am selling my beloved 1950s sectional sofa.  It is time for a design change and I’m excited!  Our lease is up on this little lofty apartment in January and we will be looking for a new place, a bigger place.  Especially since the wedding and all of the amazing gifts we receieved, we have sort of outgrown the space.  Be that as it may, I am still trying to cut down on the amount of material items we possess.  Possessions can create emotional wear on a person and even though I am completely not minimalist in any sense and I always love to have pretty things surrounding me, there comes a time when you need to let things go to a new home.

Before we decided to move in together, Byron had bought a fabulous black vinyl couch from Nood here in Calgary.  It is a very slick design and we have recently decided to move from the more 50s style to a sexy 1960s vibe in our place.  We’ve also been very inspired by Roger Sterling’s office on Mad Men, black and white, everything.

Anyways, I am thinking lots of menswear inspired fabrics for all of the pillow forms I recently bought at IKEA.  Plaids and pinstripes, wools and flannels.  Crisp greys, blacks, and whites.  Maybe a bit of purple thrown in to maintain the feminity in the house.  It is pretty funny because we are going from supremely girly with pink and turquoise everywhere to something more monotone.  Now all I need to do is convince my parents to give me their Saarinen table!  I am worried though. How am I going to handle the lack of pink in my life?!  I don’t really wear pink in my wardrobe except in the summertime.  I guess a little pink lipstick might go far.  There is no doubt about it that I will lapse, especially once we move.  I’ll be tossin’ pink all over the new place.  Or will I?

Not my parent’s table but I LOVE this kitchen!