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They heard me singing and they told me to stop…

Earlier this month I had a touch of the universe treating me so kindly.  My brother Tom’s birthday was on September 26th and earlier in the summer I knew I wanted to get the three of us Arcade Fire tickets for his 21st birthday.  However, they went on sale while we were on our honeymoon so I totally forgot about purchasing them and once we got back I heard that they sold out in 10 minutes or something crazy like that.  Anyways, a couple days later, my friend Malissa sends me an email saying that she has three tickets that I can have.  For free.  I was shocked and amazed at her generosity and started to wonder what kind of lovely and magical things are happening in the universe.  We brought her a nice bottle of wine from one of the wineries we visited in California as a thank you for the amazing tickets!

Tom was super stoked for the concert and since we all are sushi addicts, Byron and I took him out for an amazing dinner at Towa Sushi on 4th Street.  There was so much sushi that we couldn’t even finish so Tom took the leftovers home to Mom and Dad.  I am sure they went nuts for it too!  We even had to cancel our yam tempura order because there was no way to fit any more food into us.  However, I managed to eat a small popcorn at the concert but that is because I have no willpower.  Those fun cartoony popcorn boxes get me everytime.

The show was at the Stampede Corral, which we were all a little bummed out about, because it is not the greatest venue in Calgary.  But it does fit a lot of people and this was a sold out show.  The first band Calexico was amazing!  A little bit country and a little bit of Latin flavour made this performance incredible.  I will definitely be looking to purchasing their album in the near future.

Arcade Fire was AMAZING as expected.  We have been listening to their new album, The Suburbs non-stop for weeks and they played tons of stuff off the new album as well as all their prior hits.  I have never seen so many people in one band that have endless energy.  They were running back and forth, switching instruments, dancing, everything!  The visuals were incredible as well, looping video with lights and live footage.  It was perfect.  I only wish that we were closer to the stage and had room to dance without toppling down the bleachers!

We were too far away from the stage to get any really good photos, but check out Vanda’s (my great sister-in-law) blog here.  Her and her husband are huge music fans and have even guest-blogged on my other website, New Canadian Modern.  She is also an avid sewer and blogger so be sure to check out her other posts of her most recent projects!

The Birthday Boy and I at Towa Sushi.