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snap your style

Sterling Shoes is having a super exciting contest right now for all the shoe fiends out there! Snap a photo capturing your true spring style and you could win weekly prizes and even a $1000 gift card to Sterling! This contest is open to Canadians so get your pretty face up on their Facebook page ASAP! x

More details:

Sterling’s Snap Your Style contest features 10 prizes including a $1,000 Sterling gift card (that’s enough for a year’s worth of shoes!). There will be prizes for the Voters’ Fave and the grand prize will be chosen by a judging panel comprised of Sterling Buyer and Partly Sunny blogger Sunny Shum, http://partlysunny.ca/  Sterling Senior Brand Manager Lisa Eaton and The Anthology’s Kelsey Dundon. http://www.the-anthology.com/ Winners will also be featured on sterlingshoes.com. Take a look at the details, rules and regulations here.

Will You Be My Pal?

This past Saturday I hosted the first ever Will You Be My Pal?  A gathering of like-minded creative women working in various positions in graphic design, PR & communications, marketing, interior design, and journalism.

We all have blogs, twitter accounts and are constantly amping up our social media presence via the latest greatest websites like Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, and even facebook.  Oh, and did I mention that only a handful of us had ever met in real life?  Yep, when you are so immersed in the world of the intertubes sometimes you forget that you don’t actually know people in real life.

That is what inspired me to plan this get together.  Calgary is a pretty small city but you still meet new people other day, the fact just is that those new people you meet are likely friends of friend, making the six degrees of separation web of connectivity very very small with a very very high chance of compatibility as friends.

The party was a huge success!  About a dozen girls (including me) came out to the design-inspired potluck and made some new friends!  Everyone brought amazing food — our spread of goodies has yet to be rivaled elsewhere.  I feel so lucky to have such a great inspiring creative women in this very city and I can’t wait to get to know all of them better!

Thanks to Lori, Liz, and Alyssa for some of the images at the end!

Visit Yuppie Love at Market Collective!

Hey Friends!  I am going to be at the Market Collective on Saturday December 11 and Sunday December 12 with my jams, jellies, and gluten-free goodies!  I am sharing the booth with my lovely Mom, Sew Pretty Sew Vintage and my friend Amanda, MEADOR. My Mom, Carrie, will be displaying her wonderful handmade items like Christmas stockings, beautiful decorative pillows, and little girl accessories!  Amanda will be showcasing her latest collection of paintings & mixed media pieces.  Our theme is loosely based on the notion of Domestic Bliss, so it will definitely be a lot of fun!  I hope you can make it and come visit!  I will be posting a full list of everything I will be selling at the market next week.  In the meantime, stay warm!  Brrr!  That -27 C walk to work this morning was mighty biting!  The strong North winds were blowing me away.  Come on warm tropical South winds!!! Return to us!

Hello Nerd Nesters!

Hi! My name is Kait.  Most of you reading this are probably my friends, fellow crafty-maker-type people, or you have moseyed on over from my other website New Canadian Modern Dot Org.  Anyways, I’ve planning on starting this blog for awhile now — basically to keep track of new sewing and craft projects, party planning, and making my nerd nest the cutest darn thing to live in.  I hope you enjoy!

xo Kait