the perfect burger

The other day I figured out how to make the most perfect burger.  I am not really one to crave “junk food” of this sort.  I am definitely a french fry kinda girl and I can’t say no to a chocolate milk shake.  Maybe it is because being Celiac you can’t actually order a normal burger at a restaurant or fastfood joint, you’ve got to eat yours with a fork and knife without the bun.  Burger please, hold the bun.  And yes, I would like all the regular condiments and toppings.

Anyways, Byron and I had this craving for burgers so I decided to concoct my OWN healthy gluten-free version of the sort and I came with the Perfect Burger.

Buns:  O’Doughs GF Flax Poppy Seed Buns

Patties:  Lean Ground Turkey mixed with Crumbled Feta and Oregano

Toppings:  Sauteed Onions & Mushrooms, thick tomato slices, Dijon, Mayo, and Ketchup.  Avocado is also an amazing addition.

Combine all and enjoy the most epic burger you will ever have.  Slice up some potatoes and shake them in some cayenne and a little bit of oil, bake in the oven on high  for the perfect spicy homefries.

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