Happy Friday, friends! As you can see I’m getting back on the juicer train this weekend. Not doing a full cleanse but replacing at least one meal with a hearty juice to counteract any debauchery I may be getting up to. I’ve managed to avoid booze for the most part of the month but totally indulged in some wine last night. Good news is - I am a cheap date again. Two glasses in - I was happily tipsy. Anyways, still working off the annual Holiday weight gain so hopefully these juices will get me back on track. This frothy concoction was a simple recipe of apple, beets, carrots, kale and shit ton of parsley. Lipsmacking good, I tell you. And the colour!

Heading out the door momentarily for a jaunt by the river - the weather is just BEAUTIFUL right now. Take a minute to enjoy it, folks.

photo via @yuppielove


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