After a refreshing and inspiring weekend (hadn’t done a local market in a while) I am back with Pin Project No. 9! I am in love with these images. First off, the cover of Vic Gatrell’s book The First Bohemians is just so striking. I love that hand-drawn type contrasting with the 18th century art on the cover. I miss my old art history days so this might be an interesting book to pick up.

Okay, and those shoes?! Aren’t they perfection? They look like something some bohemian might don in just about any era. I want these shoes even more because they are vintage from France but just cannot afford the $240 price tag. Le sigh.

And lastly, this gorgeous girl (wearing what looks like the most beautiful pair of tulle stockings) is just an utterly beautiful Valentine concoction! LIFE always has the best images, but seriously, this one is a knock-out!

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  1. Mindy April 16, 2021

    Those shoes are so cute, do you think one could DIY them? They wouldn’t be french vintage, but they’d still be accessible and classy.


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