Who is excited for Valentine’s Day this weekend? I sure am - Valentine’s Day is certainly a glowing beacon of pink + red light amidst the mid-winter gloom of February. Between the chocolates and cinnamon hearts and messages of love, you just can’t go wrong this weekend!

I’ve rounded up seven ways to say I Love You with some incredible handmade items found on Etsy. I think it is the best place to find a unique gift for your true love - there are so many amazing designers out there! These products are really just a teensy scratch at the surface of amazing gifts you’ll find on Etsy.


This My Girl Pillow from BrightJuly is so adorable and a great way to remind your girl (whether it be your love or daughter or pet!) that you love her.

Blink blink blink! This Sleepy Clay Dish from BadgersHollow is so much fun! Perfect for eating tasty Valentine candies out of or stashing away your V-Day jewels!

Put an arrow right through your Valentine’s heart - figuratively! The Rose Gold Arrows from Mineral and Matter are so pretty and would look great as Valentine decor or displayed all year round.

This card is too much!  I Wuff You Card from Quill & Fox is a cute and cheeky way to get across what is really on your mind.



Treat your Valentine to a spa-like experience at home with the Coconut Milk Bath Soak from Herbivore Botanicals. This soak will be sure to pamper them in the best way possible - get ready for plenty of smooches post-bath!

A bit of a funny choice for a Valentine’s gift but this Guacamole T-Shirt from StupidFashion is absolutely perfect for your funny Valentine.

And lastly, if you are really looking to impress your true love (and get something awesome for your home at the same time) this Geodesic Pendant Lamp from Britta Gould is STUNNING. Plus, you can say something really corny and lovey about how each point on the pendant represents a different that you love about them.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of love + wonder! I’ll be celebrating with my little family - looking forward to the amazing weather!


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